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MERN stack Development Training Course

The term MERN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript based technologies which are used in the development of websites. MERN is the acronym for Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS. All of these play an integral part in transferring database from client to server. It refers to a consortium of JavaScript technologies used to develop web applications. MERN Stack is a full-stack development toolkit used to develop a fast and robust web application. It is an open source front-end web application framework managed mainly by Google and a community of people and dealings to address many of the contests of a single-page application development.

Courses are offered with affordable cost and some special offers are available only at our NSCHOOL Academy. We are having multiple class timings which suit everyone who wants to learn in their own timing. We do have fast track MERN Stack Developer training and online MERN Stack Developer training with one-to-one basis. In case you are having queries regarding the time, place and duration of the course you can contact our help desk.


  You will have an excellent understanding of HTML, CSS and MERN using MongoDB, Angular, Nodejs and Expressjs Programming as front end technologies.

  You will learn to develop a single page application making use of React js.

Learn all the features that includes NoSQL database technology

  You will have the basic understanding of the Testing of MERN Stack Training module.

MERN stack can take care of the entire development cycle starting from the front-end development to the back-end or server-side development.


This MERN Stack Development Certification Course is designed to give you an essence of front-end, middleware, and back-end web developer technologies. You will learn to build an end-to-end application, test and deploy code, store data using MongoDB, and much more

MERN Stack is a Javascript Stack that is used for easier and faster deployment of full-stack web applications. The MERN stack is an excellent choice for companies wishing to develop high quality web applications. In addition, it delivers high-performance and customized technologies, allows for web applications and software to be developed very quickly!. All technologies that are involved in MERN Stack are open-source. This feature allows a developer to get solutions to queries that may evolve during development, from the available open portals. As a result, it will be beneficial for a developer

   Train from professionals with industry experience
   Learn theoretical concepts and gain hands-on training simultaneously
   Real time Hands-On Practical Experience Training to imbibe corporate practices
   Get certified at the end of the training
   Receive placement support once the training is completed
   Getting exposure to latest technology up gradations.
   Advanced lab facility and most updated syllabus and materials will be provided with learning tools for easy learning
   You will have the access to contact the trainers at any time.

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Why nschool academy for mern stack development learning?

NSCHOOL Academy’s MERN Stack Developer program provides extensive hands-on training in front-end, middleware, and back-end technology skills along with phase-end and capstone projects based on real business scenarios
Trainers are certified professionals with over 9 years of experience in their respective domains. Trained more than 500+ students in a year. Trainers teach the students to learn the practices employed by the top IT companies. Have experienced multiple real-time projects in their Industries Industry-experts and subject specialists who have mastered running applications provide Best Mern Stack Development training to the students. We have restricted the batch size to empower students to have great understanding and communication between our trainers and students. Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge Well connected with Hiring HRs in various companies. Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on the real-world industry applications. Trainers also help candidates to get placed in their respective company by Employee Referral / Internal Hiring process Interactive online training classes permit complete interactivity between the student and the trainer.


Anyone who has the passion to learn MERN Stack can join our training program and get through the MERN Stack certification course

Course Syllabus


MERN Stack web development has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. MERN Stack development is an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals.

What is node js ?

A word on event loop

Event driven architecture

Blocking vs non-blocking code

Setup node js

The Node.js REPL

HelloWorld program

Understanding exports and require

Creating modules

Importing modules

Quick tour on npm

Installing 3rd party modules

Significance of Events

EventEmitter class

Emitting and listening to events

Types of streams

Working with streams

Composing streams using pipe

Process object

Handling exceptions at process level

Listening to processing events

Working with file system using fs module

Creating, Copying, deleting files

Creating, Copying, deleting directories

Watching for file changes

Installing express

First App with express – Demo

Little about routes

Little about Express middleware

Serving static files with express

Express application generator

What is express js ?

Route Methods

Route Paths

Parameterized Routes

Route Handlers

Express Router

Types of middleware

Error middleware

Bodyparser, cookie parser, session management Loggers

What are template engines ?






Securing routes

Installing MongoDB

The current SQL/NoSQL landscape

Document-oriented vs. other types of storage

Mongo’s feature set

Common use-cases

MongoDB databases

MongoDB Collections

MongoDB Documents

Significance of Events

Creating documents




Querying documents


Working with equality

Query operators

Building complex queries

Updating documents

Deleting documents

Word on ORM/ODM

Installing mongoose

Connecting to MongoDB from mongoose

Understanding mongoose schemas and data types

Working with Models

Using modifiers in schema

Using virtual fields

Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes

Validation of model data

Creating custom static methods

Creating custom instance methods

CRUD operations with Mongoose

React.js Syntax

Overview of JSX and why you should use it

Getting hold of everything you need to start coding

Components and Props

States & Lifting state up

Component Lifecycle

Updating Components

Writing your first React.js component

Mounting Components

Expressions & Attributes

JSX Basics

Name spaced Components

Rendering HTML

Rendering React Components

Keeping components stateless

Event Delegation

React State full Components

Auto binding

Code splitting


Key Events

Event Pooling

React.js Event Handlers

Synthetic Event

Introducing Hooks

using the State Hooks

using the Effect Hooks

Building Your Own Hooks

Views & Controller-Views

Flux is not MVC!

Data Flow

Action, Dispatcher, Store & View

Flux Application Architecture


Redux Overview and Concepts

Redux App Structure

Async Data Fetching


Axios (  HTTP client )

Material UI

Program Fees

Fast track

₹ 15,000 ₹ 18,000
60-90 Hours

  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • This module explains you the Basic concepts clearly
  • Core Practical Training is imbibed to students here with expertise support.

batch starts from

  • 1st week of the month
  • 3rd week of the month


₹ 12,500 ₹ 15,000
45-60 Hours

  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • You will have a clear & strong understanding on Basic concepts
  • Core Practical Training is imbibed to students here with expertise support.

batch starts from

  • 1st week of the month
  • 3rd week of the month


Reach us for fee discussion
125 Hours

  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • Training session facilitates a stronger understanding of Basic to Advanced concepts.
  • Practical Training is enriched with Placement Assistance
  • Project guidance support.

batch starts from

  • 1st week of the month
  • 3rd week of the month


180 Hours

  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • Latest & Advanced Technology concepts are clarified here.
  • Latest Framework is incorporated in Practical Training with Placement Assurance.
  • Project guidance support.

batch starts from

  • 1st week of the month
  • 3rd week of the month

Our Training Methodology

Check out our innovative key features in training methodologies. Our flexible training mechanisms incorporate all techniques right from knowledge assessment till setting placement records.

  Gain knowledge from experienced professionals in the field.
  Learn both theoretical concepts and gain practical experience at the same time.
  Training that provides real-world, hands-on experience in order to teach proper workplace practices.
  Grab certification upon completion of training
  Receive placement assistance following completion of training
  Being exposed to the most recent technological advancements.

  Learning tools will be provided along with the most up-to-date lab facilities, curriculum, and course materials
  You will be able to connect with the trainers at any time.

Course Certification

Nschool Certificate Holders work at companies like :

Owning an IT Certification will certainly give you an advantage to enrich your self-image and reputation among peers. The credits of being certified are,

Enhances professional credibility. Extends knowledge skills and prepares you more for job responsibilities. Serves as a compact Ability proof Solid proof for improving career opportunities.

Job Outlook


Latest technologies

Latest technologies

Latest technologies

Learning the latest technologies in Mern Stack enables you to have a direct impact on your career.


Future Scope of Mern Stack

Future Scope of Mern Stack

Future Scope of Mern Stack

The future of Angular development is attractive. It looks promising because of the steady growth in-demand of these professionals.


Industry Growth

Industry Growth

Industry Growth

30% Annual Growth for Mern Stack jobs by 2021. You could also develop an application by yourself with a Mern Stack course.

Job Titles include

  • Mern Stack Developer

Proud to be Recognized

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MERN Stack is one of the fastest growing development languages and has undergone a successful span of more than 25 years as far as its adoption is concerned. This success also reveals a promising future scope of MERN Stack programming language

Get through technically in MongoDB, Express js, React.js and Node js by joining our MERN Stack Training. Our standardized training program makes you excel the MERN stack development

This training is suitable for fresher, graduates as well as post graduates. If you are a professional who wants to polish your skill, then you can also join this training

We conduct the live project practice during the course, wherein you can apply your knowledge and skills that you acquire through our training

Yes, we conduct demo classes. Please contact us for more details

Yes, we offer a course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program

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