How to get into IT jobs from a Non-IT field?

IT industry emerged to be a popular and growing career choice in the times. More and More individuals who have not been in the field for the years want to try their hands at it. This is great, because technological inclination, good pay, global outreach, challenging positions and scope for innovating candidate are few plus-s of an IT career.

If anyone interested in IT jobs from Non IT field, you can support a non-technical background by emphasizing the skills that are valuable for IT services. N-school emphasized that there are number of positions available for fast learners and it’s also well known that industry-specific knowledge is in high demand. For example, IT teams that support business intelligence need professionals with marketing, analytical and management skills. To showcase your strengths, we recommended attending networking events or workshop or skill development program and impressing recruiters with creative resumes.

Few Important Pointers from Non-IT to IT industry

Soul Searching

Find the reason for your entry from non-IT to IT field. Because you have to explain it and it’s the best to know the answers to the question by yourself.

Market Research

Check out the job listing or online portals, talks to your friends and forums to know about position, pay scale, work cultures, skills sets, technologies desired, challenge involved & etc.,

Start Getting Trained

Some of us are great self learner while other needs a little help to learn. This is the time to get started on gaining skills. N-School offers you the choice of online, offline(Computer based) and classroom session. Choose the most convenient session for you to learn everything.

Get Certified

N-School offers you the certificate course for different IT technical courses. This will lead to your entry on IT field to smoother. We helps you to find the appropriate job.

Apply For Jobs, Once Certified

Develop your skills because it will help you to compensate for the lack of experience as a beginner. Make yourself a resume with skill based and not experienced based. Apply for your dream job once get certified and also you get 100% strong enough of knowledge on the course which you enrolled.

Challenges – Changing a career from Non IT to IT jobs

Nowadays, more and more number of Non IT employees are looking for careers in IT industries. Following are 3 basic challenges faced by employees looking to switch from a Non IT job.

Skill Gap

The skills learnt at a Non IT job might not match to the jobs offered in other industries. However, the skills picked up during the Non IT can be easily carried over to IT field sector. This makes it easy to switch careers from Non IT to IT field.

Knowledge Gap

Not having the knowledge in particular course or difficulty in acquiring the knowledge is a great distractor for people who looking for a career change.

Course Duration, costs and Certifications

Shifting from Non IT to IT industry might require taking lengthy courses and spending time and money to learn the new industry. Also, the courses are very affordable and certification is easy to complete.

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