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Android App Development Training in Coimbatore

Android open operating System developed by Google, is a mobile application, based on Linux Kernel and it is the world’s most popular mobile platform with over two billion monthly active users. The proliferation of smartphones and the popularity of the Android platform have meant that there is a huge requirement for developers who can develop apps on Android OS. With over 1 billion Android devices already activated, this represents a great opportunity for developers. Also this course would be a good choice for Web / iOS developers’ too. By pursuing our course you will learn to build awesome apps for phones and tablets and become part of the mobile revolution and of Android’s future.


  • You will learn the basics of the Java programming language that is used in Android app development.
  • You will get the deep knowledge about basic android development tools like Android Studio, Drawables, DDMS, Activity Lifecycle and Listeners.
  • You will gain the skill to create a dynamic web application with SOAP Service and JSON and display user current location in a google map.
  • Developing database intensive apps using SQL Lite.
  • You will learn how to use different Layouts and Widgets
  • Understand how to create applications using the SQLite database


Latest technologies

Learning the latest technologies in Andriod enables you to have a direct impact on your career.

Future Scope of Andriod Developer

The future of Andriod development is attractive. It looks promising because of the steady growth in demand of these professionals.

Industry Growth

30% Annual Growth for Andriod Developer jobs by 2021. You could also develop an entire production-quality app, all by yourself with Andriod.


Android app development Course Overview

Android is Linux-based mobile operating system designed primarily for touchscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. The Android has built excellent careers in today’s technology innovation and application development, which lets the android developers in developing the apps easily. Learn the best mobile app development techniques from top-rated N-School instructors. Whether you’re interested in iOS or Android development methodologies, or learning how to use app design software like Xamarin, Titanium Studio, or XDK.

Why Android Development Training?

The android training in coimbatore is gaining popularity in the market and it is soaring to great heights with no signs of slowing down. As android is an open source operating system, it allows the programmers and developers to access the platform’s capabilities. The apps that are developed using the android application development technologies are user-friendly and highly interactive. The android training course includes a deep understanding of how the android technology works and what kind of apps can be created. N-School is the best android training institute in Coimbatore and training course provided by certified experts. After completing the training, we also give jobs to Android students. The android training institute in coimbatore provides android training courses to students about how the android application development is done using the android technique during the android training session.

Benefits of Android Course Training in Coimbatore :

  • Train from professionals with industry experience
  • Learn theoretical concepts and gain hands-on training simultaneously
  • Real time Hands-On Practical Experience Training to imbibe corporate practices
  • Get certified at the end of the training
  • Receive placement support once the training is completed
  • Getting exposure to latest technology up gradations.
  • Advanced lab facility and most updated syllabus and materials will be provided with learning tools for easy learning
  • You will have the access to contact the trainers at any time.

Why Nschool for Android training?

  • Trainers are certified professionals with over 9 years of experience in their respective domains.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Trained more than 500+ students in a year.
  • Well connected with Hiring HRs in various companies.
  • Trainers taught the students to learn the practices employed by the top IT companies.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
  • Trainers are also help candidates to get placed in their respective company by Employee Referral / Internal Hiring process
  • Industry-experts and subject specialists who have mastered on running applications providing Best Android training to the students.
  • Interactive online training classes permit complete interactivity between the student and the trainer.
  • We have restricted the batch size to empower students to have great understanding and communication between our trainers and students.

Prerequisite of the Android Training Course in Coimbatore:

To join android training course, students need to have certain basic knowledge about core Java or any other programming language basics. Such things will greatly help them to understand the subject in a better way.

Best Android Trainers in Coimbatore:

NSchool provides android training in coimbatore with our android trainers who are well experienced in android technology. They have got hands-on experience in android application development and are aware of the latest trends and advancement in it. Our android trainers ensure that classes are more interactive and many real-time examples are provided so that students can understand the concepts and enjoy the android training course. N-School is the Best Android Training Institute in Coimbatore with 100% Job Placements.

Android Complete Syllabus – 3 Months

  • Types of Java Applications
  • Simple Program of Java
  • Difference between JDK, JRE and JVM
  • Variable and Datatype in Java
  • Java OOP Concept’s
  • Java Exception Handeling(Try,Catch,.)
  • Java Collection(List,Array,Map,ArrayList,HashMap,.)

  • Android Versions
  • Features of Android
  • Architecture of Android
  • Application Components

  • Android SDK
  • Android Development Tools (ADT)
  • Creating Android Virtual Devices (AVDs)
  • Creating Your First Android Application

  • Understanding the Life Cycle of an Activity
  • Applying Styles and Themes to an Activity
  • Hiding the Activity Title

  • Linking Activities with Intents
  • Resolving Intent Filter Collision
  • Returning Results from an Intent
  • Passing Data Using an Intent Object
  • Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents
  • Understanding the Intent Object
  • Using Intent Filters
  • Adding Categories

  • LinearLayout
  • TableLayout
  • RelativeLayout
  • FrameLayout
  • ScrollView
  • GridLayout

  • RecyclerView
  • Custom Swipe RecyclerView
  • Custom Grid RecyclerView
  • Recycler CardView
  • RecyclerView Image Loading Picasso

  • TextView
  • EditText
  • Button
  • ImageButton
  • CheckBox
  • ToggleButton
  • RadioButton
  • RadioGroup
  • SeekBar
  • RatingBar
  • AutoCompleteTextView

  • onClick()
  • onLongClick()
  • onItemSelected()
  • onFocusChange()
  • onTouch()

  • LayoutInflater
  • Custom ListView
  • Simple ListView
  • Inflater ListView
  • Spinner
  • ExpandableListView
  • ProgressBar
  • QuickContactBadge
  • GridView
  • Gallery
  • SlidingDrawer
  • Tabbar
  • WebView

  • DatePicker
  • TimerPicker
  • Calender
  • AnalogClock
  • DigitalClock

  • AlertDialogs
  • ProgressBarDialogs
  • TimerPickerDialogs
  • DatePickerDialogs

  • TextSwitcher
  • ViewFlipper
  • ImageSwitcher
  • ViewSwitcher

  • Adding Fragments Dynamically
  • Life Cycle of a Fragment
  • Interactions between Fragments

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth

  • Saving And Loading User Preferences
  • Persisting Data To Files
  • Saving To Internal Storage
  • Saving To External Storage (Sd Card)
  • Creating And Using Databases
  • Creating the DBAdapter Helper Class
  • Using the Database Programmatically
  • Retrieving All the Records
  • Retrieving a Single Record
  • Updating a Record
  • Deleting a Record
  • Upgrading the Database
  • Pre-Creating the Database
  • Bundling a Database

  • What are content providers?
  • How to use a content provider in Android
  • How to create and use your own content provider

  • Push Notification Using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)

  • How to send SMS messages programmatically from within your application
  • How to send SMS messages using the built-in Messaging application
  • How to receive incoming SMS messages
  • How to send e-mail messages from your application

  • Displaying Google Maps In Your Android Application
  • Displaying Zoom Controls On The Map
  • Switching Between The Different Map Views
  • Adding Markers To Maps
  • How To Get The Address Location Touched On The Map
  • Performing Geocoding And Reverse Geocoding

  • How to consume XML web services
  • How to consume JSON web services
  • Sockets programming

  • How to create a service that runs in the background
  • How to perform long-running tasks in a separate thread
  • How to perform repeated tasks in a service
  • How an activity and a service communicate

Android Training Methodology


Join today at no cost and enjoy access to:
  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • This module explains you the Basic & advanced concepts clearly
  • Core Practical Training is imbibed to students here with expertise support.

12,499 ₹16,499

Join today at no cost and enjoy access to:
  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • You will have a clear & strong understanding on Basic concepts
  • Core Practical Training is imbibed to students here with expertise support.

9,999 ₹12,499

Join today at no cost and enjoy access to:
  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • Training session facilitates a stronger understanding of Basic to Advanced concepts.
  • Practical Training is enriched with Placement Assistance
  • Project guidance support.

23,999 ₹26,999

Join today at no cost and enjoy access to:
  • 1-to-1 mode class training
  • Latest & Advanced Technology concepts are clarified here.
  • Latest Framework is incorporated in Practical Training with Placement Assurance.
  • Career Guidance support






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Once you complete your android training you can apply for job profiles like Mobile app developer, Android engineer, Mobile architect, Mobile lead software engineer, Android developer, Android engineer, Mobile developer.

The Android app development is not as difficult as many people think. So once the students get the conceptual principles of developing an android app, the learning becomes much easier.

Java is a language used for creating Android Applications. So, the knowledge of Java is mandatory to learn Android programming.

We provide 100% placement assistance and our placement record is 100% too. We are very proud of the fact that all our students are well-placed in top-level companies.

Yes we offer android developer course online. Kindly mail us at contact@n-school.com to know more details about the android development online courses.

Nschool is pioneer in providing IT courses to students, Job searchers and working experts.

  • Expert Faculties
  • Fully hands-on training
  • No PPT based learning
  • 100% job oriented training
  • Flexible scheduled classes
  • Ensured interviews
  • Affordable cost


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