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Three Days Mern Stack Development Workshop in Kongu Engineering College, Coimbatore

Three days Mern Stack Development Workshop has been conducted by the trainers from Nschool academy, Rajasekar. K and Hari Prasanth. R. at Kongu Engineering College of Technology. Both hold experience of 7+ and 3+ years

On the first day workshop, they covered most of the topics from Mern Stack Development such as an introduction about the website, web development and a conversation about understanding, the latest technologies and web designing.

On the second day, they completed topics such as Javascript versions and React. In React, they complete core components like component creation, building SPA, adding libraries and making the page responsive, data binding using Props, Hooks lib, and Redux state management lib, and navigation using Routing.

On the third day, they concluded the React with API integration and started the basics of the back end using Node. They also covered the topics of Node server operation, DB – MongoDB integration, CRUD operation using node and API Generation. They also discussed middleware and file uploading and downloading concepts.

Let’s explore each topic and its uses.

Mern Stack Development

MERN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, the four main technologies that comprise the stack. The MERN stack is a group of technologies that facilitate better application development. It is used by programmers worldwide. The primary use of the MERN stack is to create applications using just JavaScript. This is because all four technologies comprising the technological stack are JS-based. Therefore, the backend, the frontend, and the database can be readily managed by someone familiar with JavaScript (and JSON).

Mern Stack Components

● MongoDB is a NoSQL database management system that is the initial component.

● ExpressJS is the second component of the MERN stack. It is a NodeJS backend web application framework.

● ReactJS is the third component; it is a JavaScript library for creating UIs based on UI components.

● NodeJS is the last component of the MERN stack. It is a JS runtime environment, allowing JavaScript code to be executed outside of the browser.

Introduction about the Website

A website is a collection of interconnected online pages that may be viewed by visiting a homepage using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera.

● A website is an online brochure through which you may promote your company’s services.

● It enables you to reach out to a vast, international client base.

● As a blogger, you have the opportunity to influence your audience.

● You may display and publish all of your ideas on a website.

● You are able to communicate with your consumers, allowing them to express themselves.

● A trouble-ticket system may help you give excellent customer service.

Web Development and Latest Technologies

Sometimes, web development standards are updated quicker than they can be utilised. To keep ahead of the competition, it is essential to concentrate on popular trends, strategies, and approaches.

Listed are some of the most important trends you must be aware of when expanding your online business,

1. Voice Search
2. WebAssembly
3. Content Personalization through machine learning
4. Data Security
5. Progressive web apps(PWA) and accelerated mobile pages (AMP)
6. Multi-experience
7. Motion UI
8. Micro frontends

This is one among the Mern stack development courses.

Fundamentals of Web Designing

Effective website design conveys its message while engaging the visitor. Good website design includes consistency, colours, fonts, images, simplicity, and usefulness.

When developing a website, numerous elements affect its appearance. A well-designed website may inspire visitors to act. For a great user experience, you need to make sure that your website is easy to use (functionality).

Below are the guidelines that will help you to create a considerable web design.
1. Website purpose
2. Simplicity
3. Navigation
4. F-Shaped pattern reading
5. Visual Hierarchy
6. Content
7. Grid based layout
8. Load time
9. Mobile friendly

This web designing includes interesting topics where students from Mern stack development workshop inculcated numerous information regarding web page designing.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

● HTML provides the fundamental framework of websites, which is then supplemented and updated by CSS and JavaScript.

● Presentation, formatting, and layout are all controlled by CSS.

● JavaScript is used to regulate how certain components behave.

The above-mentioned HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the important components of Mern Stack development courses.


React allows you to create sophisticated interfaces by connecting basic Components to data on your backend server and rendering them as HTML.

React excels at managing stateful, data-driven interfaces with minimal code and suffering, and it comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a contemporary web framework, including excellent support for forms, error handling, events, and lists. Undergoing Mern Stack Development training will ensure the individual the complete knowledge of Mern Stack Development.

Component creation

Any JavaScript function that returns HTML may be used as a React functional component. These functional components may also receive “props,” which refers to data or properties. They may also be generated using the ES6 convention of the arrow function since they are JavaScript functions or extensions of JavaScript functions.

These functional components can also receive properties that we may utilise with JSX syntax, and you can write any JavaScript code before the return statement. Each component should have one return.

Building SPA

(SPA) stands for Single Page Application. Nowadays, it is a pretty prevalent approach to developing websites. The concept is that the first time you visit the page, it loads all of the HTML and JS. When you navigate after that, the browser will just re-render the content rather than refresh the page. Mern stack development training is incomplete with the topic of single page application.


Data binding is the process of combining the data that fills the view element or user interface with the data that makes up the view element or user interface.

binding.”‘components are presented to the user interface in ReactJS Development, and the logic of the component includes the data to be shown in the view (UI). In ReactJS, the relationship between the data to be shown in the view and the logic of the component is called “data binding.” Mern Stack development course combines this data binding, which is considered the easiest topic to cover.

Redux state Management

Redux responds to user actions in the UI by updating state. It works well with libraries that define the UI as a function of state.

Despite the fact that Redux may be used with any UI layer or framework and that both React and Redux are self-contained, they are often used together for one reason.

React with API integration

We often need to incorporate APIs while developing a Single Page Application (SPA). To access the data we need to show, we sometimes use third-party APIs, but mostly our own backends. These APIs use the HTTP or WebSocket protocols, each with its own set of connection setup and teardown requirements. Mern stack development training allows the students to imbibe these topics which serve as a building block for those who wish to become web developers.

Node Server option

A Node.js server allows you to deliver HTTP requests from your app. It facilitates communication between users and the programme.

The built-in http module in Node.js makes it simple to set up and run a server.

MongoDB integration

The MongoDB integration feature is a GraphDB plugin that enables users to run heterogeneous joins and SPARQL queries against MongoDB databases.

MongoDB is a document-based database with the largest community of developers and users. It is part of the MEAN technology stack and makes sure that performance and scalability are better than what GraphDB can offer.

CRUD operation using Node

MongoDB’s CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) actions enable you to manipulate data stored in the database.

The operation documentation for CRUD is divided into two sections:

● Read Operations acquire stored documents from your MongoDB database.

● Write Operations include the addition, modification, and deletion of documents in your MongoDB database.

File Uploading and Downloading concepts

The act of uploading online pages, photos, and data to a web server is known as uploading.

The act of collecting online pages, pictures, and data from a web server is known as downloading.

To make a file accessible to everyone on the web, it must be uploaded.

When users copy this file to their computer, they perform a downloading concept.

Wrapping words

There are several advantages in using the MERN Stack Development course. It uses JavaScript and JSON, for example, to create a 3-tier architecture with a frontend, a backend, and a database.

MongoDB, the foundation of the MERN stack, is intended to natively store JSON data. Everything is created using JSON and JS, including the CLI and query language. The NoSQL database management system works with NodeJS. This means that JSON data can be manipulated, represented, and stored at all application layers. Mern Stack Development courses will enable you to form a complete and unique web developer.


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