National Live Webinar on Full Stack Web Development

NATIONAL LIVE FULL-STACK  WEBINAR AT NEHRU INSTITUTE Amidst the Pandemic, joining hands with promising young talents is a tremendously blessed opportunity for our NSCHOOL Academy to assist students in their professional development. Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore sent an invitation to our NSCHOOL Academy for a National live webinar on Full Stack Web Development to present it on 3rd September 2020. Our NSCHOOL Academy’s Senior Technical lead Rajasekar. K took a strong plan to present the full stack webinar supporting students who registered all over the country. 85 students attended the full stack seminar and the presentation started with the Introduction of Full Stack Development and its importance. Most of the students who attended this full-stack webinar event were senior-level engineering students. So they already came up with a good understanding of the importance of programming. Hence, it was easier for our presenter to move ahead to the next concept of skills required for a Full-stack developer. Upon raising the question of how many possess the full stack developer skills of both frontend and backend ( HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python), only a few raised to accept. So, a major task came to our hands to teach the frontend and backend technologies in detail. Explaining the Front end technologies like HTML and CSS were more like training them in programming step by step. We also brought to light the fact that Front end development is necessary for all User Interface, Production and Maintenance, Real-time programming, Responsive design, and smooth workflow of the software. And almost all had a good understanding of Databases, so it was easier for us to cross this Back end development section. After a short break, we resumed our webinar with Frameworks. We introduced many frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.js and prescribed their importance in Fullstack web development. Students and Job aspirants understood the roleplay of the Frameworks in web development as it creates a straightforward option for full-stack developers to proceed in developing websites. Students seemed more interested in learning and hearing new Frameworks. Since we received many queries from the Frameworks process and then our webinar session went super interactive. Especially, we realized Django is ranking as the most favorite framework among learning and fresher developers. Many showed their interest and willingness to work in Full stack web development after knowing the fact that it is the highest paid job in the IT Industry. Also, we taught them a Full-Stack web developer has detailed knowledge in developing products and can decide which tool best suits the module. Overall, after the feedback session, we as well the college management realized this was the informative webinar of the year. We established our sincere gratitude to Nehru College management for making this National live webinar a grand success and informative. We convey our pleasure to the Computer Science and Engineering department Professors and college Principal for their positive communication till date. FINAL WORDS FROM NSCHOOL ACADEMY: Don’t ever stop learning new information. When we stop learning, we stop rising. NSCHOOL Academy maintains that learning is a continuous and never-ending process, despite the pandemic. We begin our next preaching process with the joy of cultivating something new in young talents who will develop into large and strong individuals in the future. We’ve also provided hundreds of technical webinars in colleges across Coimbatore and the surrounding districts, and we’re planning to offer even more in both online and offline formats in the near future. Contact us at for more information on professional webinars and technical seminar appointments. Our trained IT industry experts are eager to work with you and instill high technological standards in your college students.