DevOps Webinar at PSG Polytechnic College new

DevOps Webinar at PSG Polytechnic College

DEVOPS WEBINAR AT PSG POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE Joining hands with emerging young talents amidst this Pandemic is a profoundly blessed opportunity for our NSCHOOL Academy to assist students in their professional learning. Teaching the upcoming trend, DevOps to PSG Polytechnic Students was never a challenge. Instead, it was more interesting and engaging. Upon accepting the DevOps webinar invite from PSG Polytechnic college, our NSCHOOL Academy Senior Technical lead K. Rajasekar interacted with Information Technology students on March 13th, 2021. The oneday DevOps seminar talk was based more on DevOps stages and DevOps tools. psg 001 Since the DevOps workshop was purely technical, we tend to interact with students more on programming basics. It was spotted that students became much enthusiastic after the DevOps lifecycle stages section. Hence, DevOps Tools and its working process communication went more lively as expected. Our Senior Full Stack Developer cum Mentor, Rajasekar put forth some realistic examples in explaining tasks right from Planning, Coding, Building, and Testing phases. He presented the working principles of DevOps tools along with the backend development process. A bunch of students posed queries regarding GIT and Jenkins and it was clarified with practical examples on spot. Through the practical teaching and on-spot clarification mechanisms, students were able to grasp the Devops backend working process easily. Then entered into preaching the DevOps programming concepts and basic coding design. The Students of PSG Polytechnic college could grasp the concepts so quickly, so they asked to move ahead to develop Devops’ basic code structure. Hence, a sample DevOps program was developed in their lab system and executed out to showcase the output. Finally, We also added how Devops’ development will have a deeper impact on their higher education and IT career. We made them realize faster application development, improved creativity, more secure operating environments, and performance-focused employee teams are all appealing to businesses. This swift developing style and out of box teaching presentation in the DevOps event was much appreciated by the Information Technology staff and students. Their positive review added another feather to our cap and this helped us to achieve another successful milestone in our IT training service. We sincerely disclose our gratitude to the PSG Polytechnic College staff, students and Management for this remarkable opportunity and helping to present this webinar successfully. FINAL THOUGHTS FROM OUR NSCHOOL ACADEMY: Never stop learning new things. We stop rising when we stop learning. Despite the pandemic, NSCHOOL Academy maintains that learning is a continuous and never-ending method. We enter our next preaching process with the utmost pleasure of nurturing something new in young talents who will grow large and powerful in the future. We’ve also delivered hundreds of technical webinars in colleges across Coimbatore and the surrounding districts, and we’re gearing up to deliver even more in both online and offline modes. For more professional webinars and appointments for technical seminars, email us at Our qualified IT industry experts are ready to collaborate and implant high technical expectations in your college learners.