2D Animation Training Course​

Animation is the most exciting thing in this modern world. Here 2D Animation refers to a process in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images but only in two-dimensional artistic Space. The work in this 2D Animation often requires creativity and technology skills just to design moving 2D objects. This 2D computer animation is mostly used in the applications that are developed from traditional printing and drawing technologies such as Technical drawing, Typography, Advertising, Cartography and so on. As the graph of animation is on the rise, you will never fall down without acquiring any job. You can do jobs such as 2D Animation Designer, Animator, Graphics designer and so on. NSCHOOL Academy is the best training institution to learn 2D animation courses in Coimbatore with a 100% placement record, student projects, internships, etc.

Key Features of 2D Animation Course

   Our 2D Animation training class inculcates you training on Technical drawing, Typography, and Cartography.

  We will teach you the core practices of Graphics design.

  Our live project training will impart your key skills on Traditional Animation, Keyframe, and Action scripting.

      You will learn how industry professionals handle the different stages of VFX for realistic films and games.

      We will teach you the latest trends in Animations and Graphics design.

      Also, we will be drawing your attention towards popular animation tools including Pencil 2D and Maya.