Free Live Webinar on Pandemic : Android Development Webinar on Zoom

Continuing knowledge sharing despite pandemic, lockdowns are truly a blessing. NSCHOOL Academy succeeds in all the upcoming challenges for the enhancement of the student community. We, as the best IT Training & Development Institute, plan innovatively about the next upcoming android development webinar session arrangements for its students, and job aspirants. Our webinar sessions are planned and arranged per week on top-notch IT courses to benefit students’ careers. One such session was planned for 26th May 2021 for the Android app development webinar by NSCHOOL Academy. Our Senior Tech Lead Rajasekar K was all set to present the free live webinar on Zoom meeting (online). The webinar post along with registration link and reminders was promoted officially on social media which made 50+ students register for our android development webinar class for android app development. Finally, on the day of 26th May, nearly 50 students eagerly logged in through our registration and stayed in Zoom live for the session to begin. Sharp at 10.30 AM, the android webinar was started by our Senior Tech lead with a PPT presentation, theoretical concepts, and practical explanations. The schedule covered all aspects of Mobile App Development introduction, mobile development platforms, software development, and ending with a simple coding structure. After logically covering their Android clarifications, it made it necessary for us to start with a Mobile OS explanation. Later, Android Architecture was displayed to them, by illustrating the importance of application framework, libraries, and Linux kernel. Before demonstrating the Android activities and their components, it was suggested that Java and Kotlin are the official programming languages for Android Development. But, fortunately, most of our attendees had an apt knowledge and programming awareness in Basic Java. Hence, it made it easy for our presenter to take it forward towards Android studio to demonstrate practically. In this Android studio session, we received many queries from students regarding practical development doubts in many functions and accessible files. Hence our Android webinar class went more interactive as expected. Finally, a simple module was given to them as a task to develop a simple function in Android. Many joined this hands-on task with enthusiasm and developed an Android function. Our presenter Rajasekar supported students when required and supervised their tasks online. Later, their results were also verified and feedback was also shared in the same medium to students. No doubts, our attendees completely enjoyed their Android app development webinar which was reflected in their reviews and feedback too. This Android module development session helped them to bring out a developer in them. FINAL WORDS: Parents and teachers are likewise concerned about their children’s education during this pandemic. NSCHOOL Academy, meanwhile, has begun to educate individuals through online platforms. They primarily focus on live webinars to quickly resolve student or professional doubts. We also would like to remind you that there are tons of opportunities heaped despite this pandemic also. Just, we create a gateway to enter and make you explore those open opportunities. Are you having trouble achieving your goal or are you concerned about the future of technology? NSCHOOL Academy is here to help you learn and upgrade your skills in a rapidly changing field. People who work in the corporate world are the trainers at NSCHOOL Academy. As a result, it is incredibly simple to learn everything there is to know about the corporate culture. Next, We are having a plan for organizing a React technical webinar the following week. Please feel free to contact NSCHOOL Academy at any moment for the upcoming technical webinar registrations!. About NSCHOOL Academy NSCHOOL Academy, a true leader in Training and Software Development since 2008, serves its dedicated commitment to the flourishing student community. We started this IT training institute in Coimbatore to fulfill students’ developing careers. We now feel we’ve touched that milestone placing 2000+ students in IT as software developers. This is possible only because of our trusted students and passionate trainers behind us.