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TCS Salary for Freshers in India 2023

TCS is one of the world’s most recognizable brands and is often cited as India’s biggest information technology services provider. It’s the biggest campus of the Indian IT services and consultancy giant, headquartered in Mumbai but operating mostly out of Chennai. According to a study done in 2023, TCS was one of the first Indian IT firms to reach a market capitalization of $100 billion. Numerous hopefuls fantasize about being hired by TCS and earning the enviable starting wage for new employees. TCS offers entry-level employees a range of starting salaries depending on their duties, training, and experience level.

TCS is one of the biggest international corporations in the world since it has over 600,000 workers working in 46 different countries. TCS hires thousands of new college graduates and experienced candidates each year and pays them attractive rates. However, the wage packages TCS provides its new hires and experienced workers may differ from nation to country, depending on where they work.

What exactly is the TCS NQT?

TATA Consultancy Service will conduct an exam known as the TCS National Qualifier Test (often referred to simply as the TCS NQT) to hire new employees for their company. To become a member of the TCS NQT, it is necessary to meet certain requirements and credentials. 

A Few Criteria Are As Follows:

  • Graduation and post-graduation with full-time study (BE/B Tech, ME, MTech, MSc, MCA) are available.
  • They must maintain a grade point average of at least 60% throughout their academic career.
  • The time between each investigation should be at least two years.
  • There should be at most one active backlog at the time of the exam, and all students in the Engineering Stream should be allowed to participate.

TCS Salary For Freshers NQT 2023

TCS is pleased to announce that beginning in 2023, all of our entry-level applicants will be eligible for an attractive compensation package. The corporation has separated its pay scales into categories: NQT Ninja, NQT Digital, TCS Innovator, TCS Smart, TCS Ignite, and TCS Xplore. Depending on the candidate’s level of education, the total compensation package for NQT Ninja might be anywhere from ₹ 3,36,877 to ₹ 3,96,877.

DEPENDING ON THEIR Capacity, TCS NQT Digital applicants may anticipate a compensation package of Rs.7,00,022 to Rs.7,90,034. TCS’s Innovator position comes with a compensation package of between 9 and 12 Lakhs.

TCS Salary For Freshers On/Off-Campus Hiring 2023

TCS offers newly hired workers who were found via on-campus placements a range of different compensation packages, with the range being determined by the sort of college from which the individual graduated. Those who attended private institutions may anticipate receiving a package ranging from 3.36 lakhs to 7.9 lakhs. In comparison, those who attended state college  can anticipate receiving a package ranging from 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs.

Some TCS Salary For Freshers job opportunities:

Full Stack Developer at Tata Consultancy

The annual pay of Rs.4,78,851 is average for the role of Full Stack Developer at Tata Consultancy Services. TCS offers annual compensation for Full Stack Developers between Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.46,12,318. This proportion is based on an analysis of 180 salary report(s) supplied by or approximated based on statistical techniques for the full-stack developers at Tata Consultancy Services. 

The total annual compensation for a Full Stack Developer at Tata Consultancy Services is Rs.4,82,800. It includes base salary plus incentives and other forms of payment. Nschool Academy Full Stack Developer Course in Coimbatore covers basic to advanced topics, including HTML and CSS with Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Node.js, JQuery framework, MongoDB, and more.

TCS Salary Package for Full Stack Developer

N.oPlace (Average salary for TCS Full Stack Developer)Salary Range
1Coimbatore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹5,10,269 per year
2Chennai (based on Glassdoor reports)₹6,98,183 per year
3Bangalore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹8,24,403 per year

TCS company salary for freshers Software Engineer in India

The TCS Software Engineer compensation in India is Rs.5.8 Lakhs per year on average for professionals with less than one year of experience to eight years of experience. The annual compensation for a Software Engineer at TCS may be anywhere from Rs.2.0 Lakhs to Rs.14.1 Lakhs. These salary estimates are derived from 7,000 TCS’s most recent salary reports submitted by its staff members.

TCS Salary Package for Software Engineer

N.oPlace (Average salary for TCS Software Engineer)Salary Range
1Coimbatore.(based on Glassdoor reports)₹4,00,000  per year
2Chennai (based on Glassdoor reports)₹4,20,000 per year
3Bangalore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹4,00,000 per year

TCS company salary for freshers System Engineer

System Engineers must install, configure, and establish operating systems and software applications to deliver the greatest infrastructure and system to the organization. They are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining applications and systems, predicting and debugging system issues, and creating redundancy techniques and backup plans to secure applications. Holding the obligations and tasks of competent functioning as a TCS system engineer would qualify the candidate for a premium TCS starting pay of roughly Rs.4,50,000 for freshers.

TCS Salary Package for System Engineer

N.oPlace (Average salary for TCS System Engineer for Freshers)Salary Range
1Coimbatore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹4,18,000 per year
2Chennai (based on AmbitionBox reports)₹4,18,665 per year
3Bangalore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹4,42,007 per year

TCS Salary For Freshers Test Engineers

Test engineers are crucial to corporate growth. Test engineers create and execute tests to guarantee service or product quality and functioning. To generate a high-quality method, test engineers guarantee that all aspects of the testing program, including creating test parameters and checking for faults, are done appropriately. Test engineers ensure industry standards are followed. Nschool Academy gives Selenium Software Training in Coimbatore. Test Engineers will be included in the TCS package. Freshers will start at Rs. 4,86,000.

TCS Salary Package for Test Engineers

N.oPlace (Average salary for TCS System Engineer for Freshers)Salary Range
1Coimbatore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹2,90,025 per year
2Chennai (based on AmbitionBox reports)₹4,60,000 per year
3Bangalore (based on Glassdoor reports)₹4,68,241 per year

TCS company salary for freshers Data Analyst

Data analysts are in great demand and command some of the IT industry’s best salaries. Numerous possibilities exist for these experts because of the sheer amount of data produced daily by businesses. According to PayScale, a Data Analyst in India can expect an average annual pay of 4,64,928. Salary, however, is subject to change for the reasons stated above.

TCS company salary for freshers Java Engineer

Java engineers design, execute, and maintain Java-based programmes. Even during progress, the person contributes. To maintain sophisticated code documentation, they write tested, flexible, competent code and debug new apps and upgrades. Competitors may get a high TCS pay by performing well as java engineers. Java engineer TCS pay is Rs.4,50,000.

TCS company salary for freshers System Engineer

System engineers must install, configure, and establish operating systems and software applications to guarantee the organisation has the finest infrastructure and system. They also install, configure, and manage applications and systems, anticipate and resolve system issues, and ensure application security by establishing redundancy techniques and backup plans. Competing for a TCS starting pay of Rs.4,50,000 as a system engineer requires proficiency.


The consultant’s candidate knows the company well. Based on their expertise, they assist a group, individual, or organisation in improving their business performance by providing their perspective, analysis, and ideas. An expert must understand the client’s requirements and concerns, conduct overviews and meetings to gather and assess data, explain their findings, and suggest improvements. Such duties and working as a Consultant at TCS would qualify the applicant for an amazing TCS pay package. For this consultant, TCS’s fresher compensation structure is Rs.3,90,000.

Customer Support Associate

TCS customer support associates are responsible for troubleshooting and technical help. They analyze consumer demands and provide solutions. A customer care representative also helps customers with billing issues. Such duties and working as a TCS customer service associate will qualify the candidate for a great TCS wage package. TCS’s highest starting compensation is Rs.3,34,000.

TCS Careers 2023 – Required Skills For Freshers

  • Having an understanding of the makeup of Business Culture.
  • I must have hands-on experience with various programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and others.
  • Outstanding communication abilities and the capacity to think logically and analytically.
  • Capable of doing tasks in a group setting.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the problems at hand while providing solutions.
  • Determine, have an understanding of, and evaluate the needs of the network system.
  • Be able to find solutions to any simple technological issues.
  • Capability to move to a new location at any moment.

TCS Selection Process For 2023, 2022, and 2021 Batch Freshers

The organization’s regulations stipulate that the corporation must carry out the selection procedure to choose skilled individuals. The candidates will have to go through the following steps as part of the selection process:

Interviews by Written Test, Technical Methods, and Managerial Methods, HR Interview. The applicants must complete 30 multiple-choice questions and 1 essay for the written portion of the exam. Those candidates who were successful in advancing through the stage of the selection process and earned a satisfactory score will be contacted to participate in the subsequent stages.

How To Apply For TCS Recruitment 2023?

  • TCS may be found online at their official website, which can be found at
  • To access the career options, choose the tab labelled “Career” at the top of the page.
  • The job search page will load once the current page has been redirected.
  • In this section, fill out all forms with the available drop-down menu options, then move to the search page.
  • Following this, the most recent job postings and the filters that have been applied will appear on the screen.
  • Determine the job you are most interested in and then apply for it.
  • Complete the form with the required information, then connect the “Submit” button to send it in.
  • Make a mental note of the user ID and password that were created for usage in the future.


TCS is a well-known multinational company that provides competitive starting salaries to new employees. TCS’s wage package for new hires in India 2023 would differ for each position. In addition to the competitive annual compensation package offered to new hires at TCS, the company also provides its staff with generous benefits and perks. TCS offers new hires several perks, including reimbursement for moving expenses, paid vacation and sick leave, cash bonuses, private medical insurance, help paying back student loans, and a flexible work schedule. TCS values Python scripting abilities. Thus studying PHP Full Stack Developer Training at Nschool Academy is the top training and placement academy in Coimbatore, India.

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