Amazing Facts On Why To Study AngularJS?

World is getting changed day by day. And, the same goes with studies, business as well as career growth. Some are particular belongs to demands and many with the latest trends and updates. So, it is important to think apart from a dusty old rulebook that nobody bothers anymore.

Web and Mobile are viral and top trending! And, many codings, tools, software came in place. HTML, CSS, Java been the kingmakers and demanded in the early days, but many languages replaced it with more advanced features. So, to be smart, we must think out of the box.

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework which is emerging fastly. Believe me, for sure it will never go down till the developing lifecycle is alive!

#1 Simplifies single page app development

AngularJS is an apt infrastructure that supports responsiveness, routing, and in reducing the network traffic.

#2 Faster Development

AngularJS supported by MVC architecture ensures faster development and easy maintenance.

#3 Quick to Test

AngularJS comes with dependency injection built-in, which makes testing components, a really quick and easy task.

#4 Better plug and Play components

It becomes easy to add existing components in a new application with a simple copy and paste technique.

#5 Reduces side effects with declarative UI

The side effects of changing the presentation layer on the code reduce drastically due to the usage of declarative UI in AngularJS.

#6 Write Less Code

Don’t worry about messing up with MVC pipeline. The view is already defined in HTML Which is more concise. Data models are made simpler without getters/setters.

#7 Data Binding in two ways

You don’t need to put data into view manually. Since directives are separate from app code, it can be written parallel with minimal integration procedures.

#8 Developer-friendly

Complete suite for faster front-end development. Allows extending grammar of web by recyclable HTML elements.

Here are the Few things that you must know still!

● Over 10,000 million+ websites are built using AngularJS. ● Angular 2 extends beyond browser development to build native apps for iPhone and Android devices. ● Dependency Injection. ● Component-based programming and uses typescript.

For young learners, it caters with plenty of job opportunities to carve out successful career growth.