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Top 30 iOS Interview Questions and Answers

The iOS application is getting extremely popular and there are numerous iOS users consistently rising everywhere in the world. With the quantity of iOS users, the future looks bright for iOS application developers. Apple and iOS devices keep on having a dependable customer base, helped to a limited extent by inventing new devices, for example, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

So, an iOS app development certification course is most likely the simplest method to sharpen and prove your abilities in the same. There has never been a superior chance to turn into an iOS developer. On the off chance that you are getting ready to break into a career in iOS application development, look no further! We have made a list of top frequently asked iOS interview questions and answers that will assist you with ace your iOS job interview.

iOS Interview Questions and Answers For Fresher

1. Clarify iOS

Apple Inc made and developed a portable mobile operating framework called iOS (intelligent Operating System).iOS has been an outright phenomenon for Apple – rethinking how a mobile phone capacities.

2. Which JSON framework is upheld by iOS?

-iOS underpins the SBJson framework. -SBJson is a JSON parser & generator for Objective-C. -It gives adaptable APIs and extra control, making JSON dealing with simpler.

3. Which are the methods of accomplishing concurrency in iOS?

The three different ways to accomplish concurrency in iOS are:

-Threads -Dispatch queues -Operation queues

4. Characterize Cocoa/Cocoa contact?

It is utilized for building software codes to run on iOS for the iPad and iPhone. Cocoa Touch is written in the objective-C language and has an alternate arrangement of graphical control components to Cocoa.

5. What is ARC?

ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) is a compiler level element that characterizes the way toward dealing with the lifetime of objects in objective-C.

6. What are the programming languages utilized for iOS improvement?

Programming languages used for iOS development are:

-HTML5 -.NET -C -Swift -Javascript -Objective-C

7. When might you say that an app isn’t in a running state?

An app is supposed to be in a ‘not running’ state in the accompanying cases:

– When it isn’t launched. – When it gets ended by the framework during running.

8. What is iBeacon?

iBeacon empowers mobile apps to tune in to signals from beacons in the actual world and react appropriately. It contains two sections: a broadcaster and a receiver.

9. Which is the most latest IOS development platform?

The recent iOS development platform is iOS 9.2 beta 2 Build version: 13C5060d

10. What are the strategies we can follow to achieve concurrency in iOS?

There are three techniques we can follow to achieve concurrency in iOS:

-Operation queues -Threads -Dispatch queues

11. Characterize method overloading

A method that has comparable names more than one time however with various arguments is called method overloading.

12. Give the available design patterns of iOS

Facade, Model View Controller, Delegate, Command, Temple method, Observer, and Singleton are the available design patterns of iOS.

13. Which is the framework that is used to develop the application’s UI for iOS?

The UIKit framework is utilized to build up the application’s UI for iOS. It gives event handling with, drawing models, windows, perspectives, and controls explicitly designed for a touch screen interface.

14. Clarify the Adapter Pattern?

An Adapter pattern class with unfriendly interfaces to work in a sink and tie itself around an object and uncovered a standard interface to collaborate with that object.

15. Clarify the Observer Pattern?

The Observer pattern is utilized to advise different objects of any state changes. Cocoa utilizes the observer pattern in two different ways:

-Notification -Key-Value Observing (KVO)

iOS Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced Candidates

16.What is Swift and what is Objective-C?

Objective-C is the essential programming language you use to compose programming for OS X and iOS. It’s a superset of the C programming language and gives object-oriented abilities and a dynamic runtime.

Swift is another programming language for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS applications that expands on the best of C and Objective-C, without the requirements of C similarity.

17.Give a few Swift highlights

The following are a portion of the highlights of Swift overflow is checked for Integers and Arrays

– Classes in unsafe mode are disposed of – Automatic management of Memory is performed – Instead of the ‘if’ articulation, users can utilize the Switch function.

18.In what capacity should be handled in Swift?

The best approach to deal with errors in Swift is unique in relation to Objective-C. In Swift, you can proclaim that a function has tossed a mistake. A function that calls this strategy must do it from an attempted block. It is the caller’s responsibility to deal with the error. This cycle is very similar to how we handle mistakes in Java.

19.What collection types are accessible in Swift?

Three collection types are accessible – Arrays, Sets, and Dictionaries. These are utilized to store various assortments of values. These three collection types are alterable and are clear about the kinds of keys and values related to them.

20.How can you write a multiple-line remark Swift?

The various line comment is written in the middle of the symbols(/*) toward the beginning and (*/) toward the end.

21.Is Swift an object-oriented programming language?

Truly, Swift is an object-oriented programming language.

22.What are the control transfer statements that are utilized in iOS swift?

The control transfer statements that are utilized in iOS swift include:

-Return -Break -Proceed -Fallthrough

23.What is a delegate in swift?

Delegate is a design pattern, which is utilized to pass the information or correspondence between structs or classes. Delegate permits sending something specific starting with one object to another object when a particular occasion occurs and is utilized for taking care of table view and collection view events.

Delegates have one relationship and one to one communication.

24.What are layer objects?

Layer objects are information objects which represent visual content and are utilized by perspectives to deliver their content. Custom layer objects can likewise be added to the interface to actualize complex animations and different sorts of refined visual effects.

25.Clarify Notification in iOS

Notification in iOS is a one-to-numerous correspondence and this is used when an object needs to advise different objects of an occasion.

26. I’m not catching your meaning by Initialization?

It is the way toward making an instance of a class, specification, or structure. It includes setting an initial value for the current property and performing initialization before the new case is available for use. The initialization cycle should be possible by characterizing initializers.

27.How can you characterize a base class in swift?

The classes are not obtained straightforwardly from the base class in the Swift programming language. The classes characterized by the developer without determining the superclass becomes the base class naturally.

28.What is the difference between single and double ? in Swift?

Single ? in Swift is utilized to mean an optional value either contains a value or contains nil to show that the value is absent.

double ?? Swift is called a nil combining operator that finds in the event that optional has no value, at that point, it utilizes a default value.

29.What are the attributes of Switch?

-Supports a wide range of information and checks for uniformity. -At the point when a case is matched, the program exits from the switch and doesn’t keep on checking. -Switch statements must be comprehensive, and you should cover all potential qualities for the variable. -No break is required in light of the fact that there is no fallthrough.

30.For what reason is Inheritance not alluring in Swift?

3 reasons inheritance isn’t acceptable:

-You can’t utilize superclasses or inheritance with Swift value sorts. -Upfront modeling -Customization is vague.


These top IOS and swift interview questions and answers will improve your knowledge in IOS and assist you with cracking any IOS job interview.

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