Top 20 Full Stack Developer Interview Questions And Answers

A full-stack developer is a unicorn in the realm of web development. The full-stack web developer must be a specialist in front-end development, databases, and back-end improvement. It is one of the most trending and hottest jobs in the present place of job scene and will be there for the following scarcely few years.

Full Stack Developers are knowledgeable with all layers of an application and have the adaptability to work with various technologies, they can make interactive and natural applications for organizations. Moreover, they are talented in settling different technical glitches over the various phases of the app development. This is the reason organizations are currently making high demand for Full Stack Developers and directing interviews for the same.

Interview- Questioning and Style

In this blog, we will investigate questions that are related to the job profile of a full-stack web developer. A portion of the questions will be simply technical while some will alongside the technical aspects likewise serve to survey your different skills like communication, critical reasoning, administration, team, and coordination abilities.

If you too are rooting to crack your next Full Stack Developer interview, here’s a list of inquiries you might want to know!

General questions asked in interviews

What should Full-stack Developer Know?

Must be capable in multiple languages, including PHP, Java, C #, Ruby, Python, and so forth. Know the words that are accompanied by development structures, such as Spring, JAVA, Python Django, PHP, node JS express, and so forth. Must know essential front-end technologies, such as CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. Knowledge of at least one database is normal. Fundamental information on the guideline of model structure, UI and UX design is required.

What Are The Latest Trends In Full Stack Web Development?

As per industry specialists, a competitor who is passionate about full-stack development ought to know about the following patterns: -The ascent of Functional, ongoing web applications, dynamic applications, and versatile web development. -Programming profits by JavaScript upgrades -The development of progressively perfect extensions. This inquiry will help filter those competitors who are not enthusiastic about upskilling in innovation. In the event that you read online journals, blogs, or books on web development or go to seminars/online courses on similar subjects, remember to make reference to it. Showing how up-to-date you are in the field will give the questioner enough confidence to recruit you.

According to you which is the most important quality of a full stack developer?

Full-stack developers should be good in organization skills, language, and technical skills, being open to suggestions, developing new programming strategies and staying updated.

What’s your preferred language, and why?

For the most part, interviewers ask this question at the start of the interview to get applicants warmed for the whole interview process. This inquiry helps them to evaluate their inclination towards working with different programming languages. Since Full Stack Developers are required to work with various technologies and applications, they should be knowledgeable in at least a few programming languages, including the most trending ones. Regardless of whether you haven’t mastered numerous programming languages, interviewers love applicants who are available to learning and exploring with new languages.

Tell some of the latest trends that you come to know recently?

Answer this question with care. Try not to throw about names that you’ve heard however know nothing about. There are new releases regularly and you don’t need to know it all. Become familiar with some stuff about some ongoing technologies and say just those.

Accomplish your work with any new technology?

This is directly according to the last question. The questioner will attempt to entangle you. You select the one previously referenced in the past answer and expound on it. Don’t do an in-depth lecture on the subject.

Tell me about a few projects you have worked on.

This is an inquiry meant for experienced candidates. Clarify concisely what process you followed, why you chose that language, and those tools and technologies. Clarify the issues you faced during the development and how you managed to overcome the issues.

What are you coding currently?

An individual who loves innovation is continually working with it. Regardless of whether it be for your organization or for your own recreational reasons. Great developers will always have something to share. Candidates who code willingly for personal learnings will always stand out here.

What’s the most recent thing that you have learned?

This inquiry normally follows the past question to test the authenticity of your cases. While responding to this inquiry, you should have the option to speak in detail about the most recent industry trends, technological advancements, and new techniques. In this quickly evolving industry, it is fundamental for experts to upskill and keep themselves refreshed about the most recent industry trends.

What kind of role do you appreciate most?

For increasingly senior developers, it’s critical to tell a potential employer know how much you need to remain in a purely technical job, and how much you need to move toward the management. This helps ensure you are a good match for the organization.

Interview questions for experienced

What is the front-end application?

The front-end application is the place information from the database has just been displayed and is currently being sent to the user for review or interfacing with. The front-end application is the thing that most users would consider to be ‘the application’ itself.

What is the back-end application?

The back-end application is the place where all of the logic for the web application is done. That implies whatever the product or service it is that you are experiencing, what it offers as the primary incentive, this is typically what occurs in the back-end application. All of the storage of information is done toward the back application also.

What is multithreading?

Improve CPU performance with multi-threading. A program can deal with numerous requests with a similar client and can manage many clients simultaneously. Various processes are executed simultaneously to improve performance.

How Familiar Are You With Design Patterns?

This inquiry will uncover your understanding of maintenance and code reuse, particularly spotless and meaningful code. Any hopeful full-stack developer should know the standard and ability of essential prototype design, UI design, and UX design to manage various situations at work.

Clarify CORS?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing known as CORS permits you to demand web assets in various areas. CORS permits you to flawlessly coordinate web content with the outer content of the essential area, thereby facilitating better web service integration.

What is an Application server?

An application that allows you to structure and keep up server-side just as customer side application. This is a significant idea that you should be comfortable with.

What is continuous integration?

Consistent Integration is utilizing codes that are built and automated for testing or creation. This permits developers to convey codes effectively during the time of creation. Developers need to coordinate a code each day during the building stage. Each code is checked consequently. From that point onward, codes are deployed to creation without human mediation. This can recognize issues rapidly and in numerous beginning stages.

What is Pair-programming?

Pair Programming refers to one of the essential aspects and an agile technique where you sit down and sort through the code with another coder.

What is long polling?

Long polling is an advanced pattern that outperforms information from the server to the client. At the point when the customer sends a request, and the data mentioned isn’t available, the framework waits and returns a response instead of sending back empty requests.

Clarify inversion of control.

This inquiry can be asked to check your understanding of design patterns. You could answer this by describing a pattern that is utilized to decouple layers and segments in a framework.


So you have effectively prepared for the interview. Go to the venue somewhat early. Be cleverly dressed. While giving the interview, the manner in which you outline your responses for general questions likewise speaks about your take of things and your capacity to turn things in your favor.

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