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Full Stack Developer Salary And Benefits

In this competitive technological world, we should be aware of new technology to survive in the field of the IT world. If you are looking to get into the field of information technology in full-stack development, then you have come to the right place. Let’s get into it.

Let us know about full-stack development. Full-stack development is nothing but it is the mixed combination of the Front end, Back end, and Database. In the forthcoming topic, let’s see why full-stack development and the benefits of full-stack development and also the full stack developer salary as well in 2020.

Why full-Stack development

In full-stack development, there are 1000s of job opportunities, and it’s a growing sector too. Why should I be a full stack developer?

In the software universe, there are many sectors but the booming industry in 2020 is a Full-stack developer. Top MNC companies providing job opportunities in full-stack development. We do all the combinations of the front end, back end, and Database. Let see a little brief to get more clear ideas.

Front end

The presentation layer and the user interface is called as front end. Let us take LinkedIn for example whatever you see in the LinkedIn login page is a user interface or we will be saying it as a presentation layer.

In simple words, the front end is for client usage. The page which we design for the user to experience our services.

Back end

At the back end process, we cannot directly interact with users or presentation. For example, After opening the Linked in login page we will give our username and password to get inside the Linked into experience.

The process that happens through logical is known as Back end. The back end is also called as server-side where we handle Java, python, etc.


The database is those where our data like images, videos, or texts are stored. For example, we can take Linked in, After the logging in process, we will have some ideas or thoughts to be shared in Linked in like photos or videos or a piece of content there are stored in the main database where we can post from any machines like mobile, Desktop, tabs, etc.

So we have seen how it works and why full-stack development. To get deeper we will see about the languages used in Full stack development.

Full-Stack Developer Language

In full-stack development, there are many coding languages. We can choose the languages in which we are specialized. We can see about the languages that are specified in the front end, back end, and Database.

The most used Languages in the front end are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Frameworks, etc.

Popular used languages in the back end are Java, Python, PHP, C#, VB, etc.

Commonly used languages for Databases are Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC, MongoDB, etc.

These are the commonly used languages in full-stack development. To know more about the benefits and advantages of a full-stack development scroll below.

Benefits of full-stack development

* Being a full stack developer you can do the whole project by ourselves. You can work as per your timing schedule as well. * You can switch between the front end and back end as per the requirements. We do not want to waste time or depend on the work to be done by front or back end developer. * Studies have found that you can understand the upcoming trends, technologies, and tools faster than someone who gets specialized in front end or back end developer. * Instead of hiring a separate front end developer and back end developer, we can hire a full stack developer and reduce the cost. * Also as a freelancer you can take a project and do it on your own as you wish and as per the client’s wish. * One of the highest-paid industries worldwide. And the demand is high in this specific area. * Job opportunities in full-stack development are very high when you are a full stack developer then in specified skills.

These are the main benefits of full-stack development.

Job opportunities in full-stack development

The future of the Full-stack developer is quite impressive. It is observed that job opportunities in

Full-stack development are in significant demand as they possess enough knowledge of both front and back end.

That is why opportunities in this domain are on a great scale. A research confirmed that there is a 20% growth in demand for “Full-stack developer” compared to last year as companies look for multi-skilled professionals.

Opportunities are popping up for the full stack developer where you can explore more in the field of development. When you look for job opportunities. There are specified job roles as well. The demand has been increasing for the role of stack developer year by year.

For example, we can take all the MNC companies. There the hiring process and the chances to get placed in a specified area are very high as a full stack developer. Because they need multi-skilled professionals.

If you are specialized in the front end part you will be selected only for the role of a front-end developer. If you are specialized in the back end part you will be selected only for the role of back end developer. Same for the Database management.

It suits for other roles as well. But if you are a full stack developer then there is the finest chance to get placed in any of the roles.

With the giant profits that bevy hiring a full stack developer, companies, mostly startups that have a financial clockwork that is ticking continuously, aim to employ them in comparison to individual stack developers.

This preference is moderating countless growth opportunities and employment chances universally across industries.

Full-stack developer Salary

It can be strongly stated that Full-stack Developer Salary in worldwide is paying high. It is very curious to know the average salary of the full-stack developer, as they play a versatile role in the field of technology. For instance, you may be a fresher in full-stack development.

In India, the average salary of a Full stack developer is 6.25 lakh per annum.

The average entry-level of full stack developer salary in India makes about 2 lakh per year. This salary is for entry-level people with few technical skills. By learning new skills and by their experience they can get high paid as per skills.

Junior full-stack developer is those who have a minimum experience of 2 years. By indeed survey He/she earns the average salary of 6 lakh per annum.

A senior full-stack developer is a person who has experience of 5 to 10 years and in-depth knowledge and works for many years. The average full stack developer salary is about 12 lakh per annum.

And Full-stack developers with more than 20 years of experience earn 18 lakhs and more based upon the problem-solving skills.

So it is the power of a full stack developer. These are the growing industry in this era. To know more about this you can visit n-school to sharp your mind and be a killer stack developer in upcoming projects.

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