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14 Exciting new features of iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11, both iPhone and iPad users can now access a plethora of new features. A step above the previous iOS 10 version, users can discover useful and convenient tools on the newest version of the operating system. Here is a look at the most exciting new features:

  1. Live photos in FaceTime

    Now capture live moments during a FaceTime conversation by taping the shutter button on the left corner of the screen. Every time a photo is captured, alerts will be sent to those involved in the call.

  2. In-built QR scanner

    The iOS 11 camera automatically detects QR codes. Just hold the camera against the QR code to scan and store data easily.

  3. Delete unused apps

    Clear your storage by selecting Settings -> General -> iPhone storage and enable the “Offload Unused Apps” option. All those applications which haven’t been used much will be offloaded after saving its data.

  4. Smaller media file size

    With the inclusion of new formats HEIF and HEVC, photos and videos can now be stored in smaller file sizes, helping you manage your storage capacity better.

  5. Screenshot editor

    Don’t waste your time scrolling through your camera roll to edit screenshots. Edit the image captured immediately after it is taken.

  6. Screen recorder

    Record everything that is happening on your screen at a particular moment. This is a great feature for conducting tutorials and teaching your elders/newbies.

  7. Additional Siri features

    iPhone users will now be able to text Siri whenever it is inconvenient to talk. Change the settings by navigating to General Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Type to Siri.Also, Siri can now support other languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

  8. Do not disturb during driving

    Silence all your notifications while you are driving with the much-needed ‘do not disturb during driving’ mode.

  9. Wifi Settings

    Sharing your Wifi password is now a simple task. Whenever two iPhones are close by, you can select the share password option for enabling the other user to use the Wifi network.Also, at times, your iPhone can automatically connect to even low-speed Wifi network. Stop this inconvenience with the Auto Join setting.

  10. Safety with SOS emergency button

    Under unsafe conditions, users can send SOS emergency alerts by pressing the power button five times.

  11. Quick New device setup

    When it comes to setting up a new iPhone or iPad, all the users have to do is to hold the previously owned device next to the new one. All personalised settings and iCloud keychain passwords will be transferred.

  12. Mute unwanted notifications

    Users now have the ability to mute notifications on unwanted threads by sliding the notification toggle to the left. You can quickly undo the setting by selecting the “show notification” button.

  13. New Keyboard features for iPhone and iPad

    iPhone users can now access the one-handed keyboard feature similar to the iPad versions. By holding on to the globe symbol, users can attach the keyboard to the left or right side of the display.On the other hand, iPad users can swipe down on the traditional keys to access additional symbols like &, $, @ and more.

  14. Drag and drop files and apps

    Users can drag and drop images and files across the mobile apps. Also, when you long press an app, it wiggles and opens into a new screen. Multiple apps can be opened on a new screen for smooth multitasking.

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