Course Syllabus


UI/Web Designing has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. Web Designing is an attractive profile and an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals

What is web development or website ?

Modern Technologies and the evolution of PHP

Web application architecture

What is WWW ?

What is HTTP ?

What is URL ?

What is W3C ?

What is DNS ?

Basic knowledge of Web designing & Layouts, Color Schemes, Fonts, Responsive designs

What is HTML & CSS?

What are web pages ?

Absolute vs. Relative URL

Static Vs Dynamic Websites

Client side Vs Server side Scripting

How web works ?


Databases Basics

SEO basics

Structure, syntax, do types & extension of HTML document

Tags, Attributes and Elements

Layouts, Block level and inline elements

Manipulating Text & Images, Linking Pages, comments

Page Titles, Meta Tags, Paragraphs, Headings

Tables, DIV, SPAN

HTML Forms and Input, Lists, field sets

Borders & Alignment

HTML iframes, scrollbars

Colors, color names, values

HTML Symbol Entities, validations

HTML5 intro

HTML5 new elements

HTML5 form elements, types, attributes

How does CSS work?

Types and syntax of CSS

Identification and grouping of elements (class and id)

Cascading Properties, selectors, Table Properties

Colors, Hexadecimal Colors and backgrounds

Links, Fonts, Images and Text

Margins, Paddings, Borders

The box model

CSS Navigation Bars

Layering Styles with Multiple Classes

Common CSS Property Values

Pixels, Lengths, Floating elements (floats), Positioning of elements

CSS Media Types

Image Sprites

Rounded Corners, Gradients, nested selectors

Web-standards and validation

Examples of template building

Data types, Variables, Expressions in JavaScript, Popup Boxes, Operators

Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Comments

Javascript Events, Clientside validation, Basics of DOM

Javascript functions, objects

Exception Handling, Debugging

Arrays, Strings, Date, Number, Regular expressions


DOM Methods, Events

Jquery basics and syntax

Jquery Events

Jquery Effects

Jquery DOM, Selectors, Attributes – BASICS


Get started

Layout with bootstrap

Basic Components

Bootstrap components