Course Syllabus

PHP/MySQL Development Course Highlights

PHP/MySQL web development has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. PHP/MySQL development is an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals

Introduction to JavaScript

Data types, operators

Conditional Statements, Loop Statements

Events, function, Array and Objects

Client-side validation

Basics of DOM Manipulation

jQuery Syntax, Events, Functions

jQuery Selectors and Traversing

jQuery load, get, post

jQuery Ajax

PHP introduction & syntax

PHP Data Types

PHP Variables, Constants and Array

PHP Operators and Control Statements

PHP routes, echo / print statement

Sessions Management, Setting up Cookies

Date and time functions

HTML Form & Form elements

HTTP verbs and methods

File Upload and Super global Variables

Pre-defined & User defined/ Custom Functions

Function parameters (With or without and conditional parameters)

Arguments by value and reference

Returning values from a function

PHP email function

Errors, Exceptions, debugging

Coding Standard or structure

PHP Array Functions, String functions, Mail functions

PHP file open / read / write / close

PHP and AJAX – request and response

PHP object-oriented concepts

PHP filters, PHP Regular Expressions

Security Handling

Jquery DOM, Selectors, Attributes

AJAX – all functions

Introduction To Database

Understanding Database, Tables, Fields

Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)

Creating and managing database

Inserting Data into tables in different ways via query

Updating Data and Table Structure

Selecting from table in different ways

Deleting tables and drop database

Where, AND, OR, Having, Between clauses,

Ordeby, GroupBy

SQL Wildcards, Joins, Constaints, SQL injection, Like

What is an API ?

How it works ?



Introduction to FTP