Course Syllabus

Mean Stack Development Course Highlights

MEAN Stack web development has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. MEAN Stack development is an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals

Installing MongoDB

The current SQL/NoSQL landscape

Document-oriented vs. other types of storage

Mongo’s feature set

Common use-cases

MongoDB databases

MongoDB Collections

MongoDB Documents

Creating documents




Querying documents


Working with equality

Query operators

Building complex queries

Updating documents

Deleting documents

Word on ORM/ODM

Installing mongoose

Connecting to MongoDB from mongoose

Understanding mongoose schemas and data types

Working with Models

Using modifiers in schema

Using virtual fields

Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes

Validation of model data

Creating custom static methods

Creating custom instance methods

CRUD operations with Mongoose

Express js Introduction & Setup

Installing express

First App with express – Demo

Little about routes

Little about Express middleware

Serving static files with express

Express application generator

What is express js ?

Routing in Depth

Route Methods

Route Paths

Parameterized Routes

Route Handlers

Express Router


Types of middleware

Error middleware

Bodyparser, cookie parser, session management Loggers


Template Engines

What are template engines ?




Express js security



Securing routes

Debugging in Express


Introduction To Angular

Angular Installation

Angular CLI

Serving and Building the Application

Project Structure

Angular Modules

Root and Featured Modules

Imports, Declarations, Providers and Dependencies

What are Components

App Component

Component Syntax

Selectors, Templates and Styles

Nested Components

Component Life Cycle

Initialization Hooks

Destroy Hooks

Angular Data Bindings

String Interpolation

Property & Event Bindings

Two Way Data Binding

Template Variables

Component Communications


Content Projection

Events and Event Emitters

Listening to Event Emitters

Angular Directives

Attribute Directives

Build In Attribute Directives

Structural Directives

    What are Pipes

    Build In Angular Pipes

    Currency Pipe

    Number Pipe

    Percent Pipe

    Lower and Upper Case Pipes

    Date Pipe

    Custom Pipes

    What are Services in Angular

    Injectable Services

    Dependency Injection


    Export and Import Services

    Shared Services

    Providing Services

     Forms Module

     Template Driven Forms



     Built-In Structural Directives

     NgIf and NgFor Directives

     Custom Directives

    What are Routes

    How to Configure Routes

    Router Outlet

    Router Navigation

    Route Parameters

    Routes for Root and Child

    Query Parameters

    Activated Routes

    Module Introduction

    How Authentication works in SPAs

    Introduction to JWT

    Creating a Signup Page and Route

    Setting up Firebase SDK

    Signing users up

    Signing users in

    Token introduction

    Sending a token

    Route protection and redirection

    HTTP & HTTPs Module


    Reactive Programming

    Observables & Subscriptions

    Error Handling

    Working with FireBase

    Accessing from MongoDB

What is node js ?

A word on event loop

Event driven architecture

Blocking vs non-blocking code

Setup node js

The Node.js REPL

HelloWorld program

Understanding exports and require

Creating modules

Importing modules

Quick tour on npm

Installing 3rd party modules

Significance of Events

Event Emitter class

Emitting and listening to events

Types of streams

Working with streams

Composing streams using pipe

Process object

Handling exceptions at process level

Listening to processing events

Working with file system using fs module

Creating, Copying, deleting files

Creating, Copying, deleting directories

Watching for file changes