Course Syllabus

Big Data Development Course Highlights

Big Data has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. Big Data is an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals

Introduction to Big Data

Big Data Analytics

Big data: definition and taxonomy

Apache Hadoop

Analysing Data with Unix tools

Analysing Data with Hadoop

Hadoop Streaming

IBM Big Data Strategy

The Design of HDFS & Concepts

Command Line Interface

Data flow

Data Ingest with Flume, Scoop, Hadoop archives

Hadoop I/O: Compression, Serialization

Avro and File-Based Data structures

Introduction to Hadoop

Hadoop components: MapReduce/Pig/Hive/HBase

Loading data into Hadoop

Handling files in Hadoop

Getting data from Hadoop

Introduction to the SQL Language

From SQL to HiveQL

Introduction to HIVE e HIVEQL

Using Hive to query Hadoop files

Quick intro to Machine learning

Big Data & Machine Learning

Machine learning tools

Spark SparkML Azure ML