Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing Course Highlights

Digital Marketing has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. Digital Marketing  is an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals

What is digital marketing?

How Has Digital Marketing Evolved?

Definition of digital marketing

History and evolution of digital marketing

Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Types of digital marketing approaches – pull and push digital marketing

Why is digital marketing important?

Types of online presence

How does digital marketing fulfill the definition of marketing?

Who needs digital marketing services?

The 4ps of marketing and their implications for digital marketing

Segmentation strategies for digital marketing

Pulling together the five forms of segmentation for digital marketing -personas

Digital marketing platforms

Different platforms for digital advertising

Define your target audience

Organize your concepts and materials

Create a directory structure (also called site map)

Create a sketch of the pages you intend to create

Design and refine the look and feel of the site

Introduction about Search engine

Working Methodology

SEO Fundamentals and Concepts

Organic and Inorganic Results

Website Indexing

Google Processing

404 Not Found

URL Optimization

Meta Data Optimization

Image Optimization

Internal Linking

Content Keyword

Internal Linking

Content Keyword Optimization

Header Tags

Responsive Design

Social Media connect

URL Canonicalization

Landing Page Optimization

No-Follow and Do-Follow

Creating Sitemap XML/HTML


Anchor Links Optimization

301 Redirection

Types of Link Building

Difference between White Hat and Black Hat in SEO

Directory Submission

Social Bookmarking in SEO

Dos and Don’ts in Link Building

Search Engine Submission

Article Submission

Local Business Listing

Image/Video Sharing

PPT Submission

Press Release Submission

Quora Blog

Local Business Listing

Classifieds Submission

Alexa Rank, Domain

Blog Commenting

Social Media Optimization

Guest Blogging

Introduction to Social Media Networks

Social Media Website Types

Concepts about SMO

Facebook Optimization

Twitter Optimization

Instagram Optimization

Right Hashtag for your post

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest

Blogs for Business

Image Optimization

Facebook Optimization

Fan Page vs. Profile vs. Group

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Advertising and Its Types in Detail

Creating Advertising Campaigns

CPC vs. CPM vs. CPA

Conversion Tracking

Creating Strong Profiles on Twitter

Followers, Retweets, Clicks, Conversions, HashTags

LinkedIn Optimization

Individual Profile vs. Company Profile

Database Management and Lead Generation

Branding On LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn Groups

Identify Target Audience and Convert Goal

Report Generation on Post Reach

Increasing ROI through LinkedIn Ads

Conversion Tracking and Reporting

YouTube Optimization

Channel Creation

Introduction to online advertising and adwords

Adwords account and campaign basics

Adwords Targeting and Placement

Adwords Bidding and Budgeting

PPC Basic

Adwords Tools


Optimizing Performance

Ads Type

Bidding Strategies

Search Network Display network

Shopping Ads

Video Ads

Universal App Ads

Tracking Script


Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking


Introduction to Blogs

Setting up Blog with Own Content

Content Duration

Making a Compelling Personality for Your Content

Step by step instructions to Monetize Your Blog

What is Keyword Research?

Why is Keyword Research So Important in SEO?

Finding your Focus Keyword

Competitor Keyword Research and Analysis

Search for Related Keywords

Searching Long Tail Keywords

Searching Question Keywords

Determine the Primary Goals & Objectives of Your Website

Focus on Conversions

Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Automate and Integrate Marketing Processes

Track Progress and Review Strategy Regularly

What Is Media Buying?

The Media Buying Process

Choosing the Right DSP

What Is Media Planning?

The Media Planning Process

The Differences between Media Buying and Media Planning

What Is Remarketing?

How Remarketing Works

The Benefits of Remarketing

The Different Types of Remarketing

6 Tips to Leveraging Remarketing and Increasing Your Bottom Line

Incorporate Remarketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Introduction to Email Marketing

Using Email Marketing Software

Building Email Lists by Quantity

Crafting an Email

Analysing and tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy

Location-based marketing​

Responsive site design

Social media advertisements

Mobile-friendly content

Voice search

Text message marketing

Videos and GIFs

On-site and in-app support

Personalize campaigns

Opt-in forms

Increase E-commerce Search Usability

Use High-Quality Photographs and Good Product Descriptions

Try Personalizing the Home Page

Focus on Consistent and Unique Content

Optimize Shopping Cart Functionality

Build E-mail Lists

Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Create Landing Pages

Build Advertising Strategies

Implement User-Generated Content

Corporate reputation in the digital age

Reputation and participatory culture

How online has changed the media cycle

Managing reputation online

Protecting a Reputation: when it goes wrong, crisis response

Towards best practice reputation management


Setting up your blog

Writing blog post

Webmaster Tools: Very important for Indexing

Driving Traffic to the Blog

Understanding Competitor Analysis and Intelligence

Analysing Competitors: Segments of Analysis

Integrating Analysis into Decision Making

Introduction to Campaigns and Ad Groups

Importing Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords

Bidding and Traffic Estimation

Import from Google Adwords

Ads creation

Choosing right Keywords

Bing Ads Reports

Conversion Tracking with Campaign Analytics

Bing Ads Editor Account Management Tips

Bing Ads Editor Campaign Optimization

Create a YouTube channel for business

Learn about your audience

Research your competition

Learn from your favourite channels

Optimize your videos to get views

Upload and schedule your videos

Optimize your channel to attract followers

Try YouTube advertising

Try working with an influencer

Analyse and adapt

Blog for the right audience

Set clear objectives

Develop a content strategy

Follow a blogging schedule

Have a content promotion strategy

Your blog needs personality

Have action-driven content

Google Adsense Fundamentals

Google Adsense Approval Basics

Google Adsense Approval Strategies

Introduction to Adsense Account Interface

How to use Adsense Account Interface?

How to place ads on websites?

How to place ads on blogs?

Custom Ads Fundamentals

Ads/DFP Planner

How will you earn money via Adsense?



Google Analytics





Google Ads

Google Trends

Google Search Console



Facebooks Ads Manager

LinkedIn Ads Manager