Course Syllabus

Full Stack Development Course Highlights

Full Stack web development has been gaining popularity for quite some time and is currently in high-demand. Full Stack development is an exciting career path for both freshers and experienced individuals.

    What is web development or website ?

    Modern Technologies and the evolution of PHP

    Web application architecture

    What is WWW ?

    What is HTTP ?

    What is URL ?

    What is W3C ?

    What is DNS ?

    An introduction to domain names, web servers, and website hosting.

    Introduction to HTML& CSS

    Introduction to JAVASCRIPT

    Introduction to JQUERY

    Introduction to Angular JS

     Basic knowledge of Web designing & Layouts, Color Schemes, Fonts

     Responsive designs

     What is HTML & CSS?

     What are web pages ?

     Absolute vs Relative URL

     Static Vs Dynamic Websites

     Client side Vs Server side Scripting

     How web works ?

     The term ” REQUEST & RESPONSE “

     Databases Basics

     SEO basics

     What is web development or website ?


    Syntax, do types & extension of HTML document

    Tags,Attributes and Elements

    Layouts,Block level and inline elements

    Manipulating Text & Images, Linking Pages, comments 

    Page Titles, Meta Tags, Paragraphs, Headings 

    Tables, DIV, SPAN

    HTML Forms and Input, Lists, field sets

    Borders & Alignment 

    HTML iframes 

    Scrollbars Colors, color

    names, values

    Introduction to HTML5

    HTML5 new elements

    HTML5 form elements, types, attributes

    A very simple HTML document exercise

    What is CSS ?

    How does CSS work?

    Types and syntax of CSS

    Identification and grouping of elements (class and id)

    Cascading Properties, selectors, Table Properties

    Colors, Hexadecimal Colors and backgrounds

    Links, Fonts, Images and Text

    Margins, Paddings, Borders

    The box model

    CSS Navigation Bars

    Layering Styles with Multiple Classes

    Common CSS Property Values

    Pixels, Lengths, Floating elements (floats), Positioning of elements

    CSS Media Types

    Image Sprites

    Rounded Corners, Gradients, nested selectors

    Web -standards and validation

    Examples of template building

    An overview of JavaScript

    Data types, Variables, Expressions in JavaScript, Popup Boxes, Operators

    Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Comments

    JavaScript Events, Client side validation, Basics of DOM

    JavaScript functions, objects

    Exception Handling, Debugging

    Arrays, Strings, Date, Number, Regular expressions

    DOM with HTML & CSS

    DOM Methods, Events



    Angular JS vs Latest Angular

    What is Angular ?

    Angular Vs Angular2 vs Angular 4 vs Angular 5

    Web Components

    JavaScript and its Issues

    What is TypeScript

    TypeScript vs JavaScript vs ES6

    Benefits of TypeScript


Typing System

Type Script Types

Arrays Types



Object Oriented Programming

Classes and Class Constructors

Properties, Methods, Getters and Setters

Generics and Decorators

    Angular Installation

    Angular CLI

    Serving and Building the Application

    Project Structure

    Angular Modules

    Root and Featured Modules

    Imports, Declarations, Providers and Dependencies

    What are Components

    App Component

    Component Syntax

    Selectors, Templates and Styles

    Nested Components

    Component Life Cycle

    Initialization Hooks

    Destroy Hooks

Angular Data Bindings

Property & Event Bindings

Two Way Data Binding

Template Variables

Component Communications

Input and Output


Content Projection

Events and Event Emitters

Listening to Event Emitters

Angular Directives

Attribute Directives

Build In Attribute Directives

Structural Directives

    What are Pipes

    Build In Angular Pipes

    Currency Pipe

    Number Pipe

    Percent Pipe

    Lower and Upper Case Pipes

    Date Pipe

    Custom Pipes

    What are Services in Angular

    Injectable Services

    Dependency Injection


    Export and Import Services

    Shared Services

    Providing Services

     Forms Module

     Template Driven Forms



     Built-In Structural Directives

     NgIf and NgFor Directives

     Custom Directives

    What are Routes

    How to Configure Routes

    Router Outlet

    Router Navigation

    Route Parameters

    Routes for Root and Child

    Query Parameters

    Activated Routes

    Module Introduction

    How Authentication works in SPAs

    Introduction to JWT

    Creating a Signup Page and Route

    Setting up Firebase SDK

    Signing users up

    Signing users in

    Token introduction

    Sending a token

    Route protection and redirection

    HTTP & HTTPs Module


    Reactive Programming

    Observables & Subscriptions

    Error Handling

    Working with FireBase

    Accessing from MongoDB


    What is Node

    Traditional Web Server Model

    Node.js Process Model

    Install Nodejs

    Working in REPL

    Nodejs Console

    Functions, Buffer, Module

    Module Types

    Core Modules & Local Modules

    Module. Exports

    Functions, Buffer, Module

    Adding dependency in package.json

    Installing packages globally

    Updating packages

    Creating Web Server

    Handling http requests

    Sending requests

    Read File & Writing a File

    Writing a file asynchronously

    Opening a file & Deleting a file

    Other IO Operations

    Core Node JS debugger

    Debugging with Visual Studio

    Event Emitter class

    Returning event emitter

    Inhering events

    Configuring routes

    Working with express

    Serving static files

    Working with middle ware

Connection string


Working with select command ,Updating records, Deleting records


    Concepts & SQL and Complex Transactions

    Installing MongoDB


    Dynamic Schema & Mongo import

    Command Line Options

    Cursors & Query Language: Basic Concepts Projection

    Query Language: Advantages of a Dynamic Schema

    Shell: Queries

    Insertion , Update , save Command

    Partial Updates & Document Limits

    Removing Documents

    Multi Update

    collection.stats() & collection.drop()

    mongostat and mongotop