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Reasons To Learn Android App Development In 2020

The main objective of everything is to make our lives easier. We all utilize our phones and applications as a component of our lives, regardless of whether we decide to utilize it for entertainment, for being increasingly gainful in our employments or for shopping. In this way, it is anything but not excess to state that we depend upon the Application Developers to do numerous things in our daily lives today.

Learning Android App Development is as yet an extraordinary activity to do because there is such a great things going on in this area right now. It’s a benefit to making a profession in high demand. Android is a hit among developers.

Top reasons to learn

High demand for android developers

Organizations are hoping to use a versatile mobile app industry, while programming firms are going to portable mobile application advancement. This circumstance has expanded the interest for quality Android developers.

Worldwide reach

I comprehend that organizations have various requirements and in the event that they are hoping to target just iOS users, they completely can.

However, on the off chance that you are confused between both of these fields, you ought to go for Android application advancement. Android is well known in both creative and developing countries, accordingly, you can target various sorts of audiences, plan various types of applications, and henceforth discover better opportunities. Google Play Store is loaded up with a huge number of applications that are not accessible on the iOS stage. Along these lines, you can explore app ideas and work on them to improve your abilities.


The general belief is that iPhones are made for the rich, hence iPhone users will be more likely to spend more on apps as compared to Android users. This may be true in the past, but the status quo is fast changing. In recent times, Android apps have been found to be as profitable, if not more profitable, as an iOS app.

Also, many apps come with ads model, which translates to mean that as long as the ads are shown to users, the developer gets paid. Advertising cost is lower on Android, this means that more users are advertised on Android devices than on iOS devices for the same amount

It’s Open Source

As an individual who has no or almost no thought regarding what open-source ideas are, let me make it understood for you. Open-source innovation is one where you are permitted to utilize the technology for nothing. This has a lot of advantages. As a developer, you don’t need to spend anything to learn or code the programming language, and as an organization, you don’t need to pay to utilize the source code. This is the motivation behind why the majority of the organizations and web development organizations incline toward working with open source innovations.

Android is an open-source platform, which implies, you have the entrance to all that you need and you may make anything you need. Learn it, code it, use it, sell it. There is nobody asking you.


Despite the advantage of the huge marketplace, Android has an added advantage of being able to install from any other source aside from the marketplace. It is easy and possible for the apps to be tested and used on multiple devices. The SDK tool is what makes this possible. The app can also be installed on the device directly or via the command line.

Enormous Demand in Job Markets

Web development is so a year ago. This is the hour of portable applications. Each web development organization, or a year ago web development organization, has gone into the application advancement industry and these organizations need talented Android engineers to make those applications. Evidently, there is no absence of chances for an Android application developer with regard to getting a new line of work. You have those aptitudes, and organizations will successfully employ you.

Easy endorsement process

With regards to presenting your application to the Play store or application store, Google is seen as more tolerant than Apple, and this turns into a significant motivation behind why developers check out Android application improvement.

Here, they don’t need to confront a few rejections and trust that to wait for days will see their application live. Google checks for highlights like privacy, security, customization, validated content, and so forth. It makes the accommodation processor simpler and developers can guarantee that their application will be live in a couple of hours.

Customized client experience

You may have tuned in to individuals saying that Google knows it all about you. Google’s Android attacks our protection and security, yet for a positive outcome. They utilize our data and delicate information to comprehend user habit and behavior and thus gives a customized client experience.

This makes the app developers appreciate higher client engagement and standard for dependability, and at last outcome in a superior investment of profitability in this competitive market.

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