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Handwriting Classes For Kids

Writing is the second-fastest tool to let an individual speak with oneself and the main possible tool that has a record of the communication. Writing of one remains as letters and words until it gets comprehended by the other and turns into a mode of communication. To improve communication, student handwriting must be clear. What is the utilization of writing when nobody understands it obviously? So enjoy the lifelong benefits of legible handwriting that will build character and confidence.

Why Choose Us

Classes Nearby curriculum covers all aspects of professional training complying with international standards and syllabus with a major focus on improving skill and opening career prospects. We make your confidence soar by perfecting your handwriting – enhancing the beauty of each letter you write. It includes writing preparation, Pen handling, Paper Handling and Pad Handling, And all writing principles. The actual practice starts after completing the course! We guide parents too…to mentor their children.

Good handwriting has always been the mark of a well-schooled and educated individual. It helps a young mind to learn how to focus, process the thoughts, and present them in a convincing and neat manner. NSCHOOL Academy gives you beautiful, legible handwriting with speed.

NSCHOOL Academy provides a unique handwriting program and online handwriting program with certification courses that has already proven itself across many schools. It is a program envisioned to make students sharper, shape them into better professionals and thereby, make they’re future brighter.

Our Uniqueness

Beginner To Advance Level

Lessons designed for students of all ages, have fun exploring art, ink, and paper.

Endless Opportunities

Find the right guidance while following your passion. Support assistance in choosing careers and making the right decisions.

Certified Instructors

Our certified Instructors will help you master your choice of style in calligraphy and handwriting.

Why good handwriting matters

Before we think about great handwriting, we have to remind ourselves why we write. We write in order to,

Help ourselves to remember something we need to recollect

Mention to someone else what we know

Tell an individual what we need

The handwriting Improvement training enables the development of lifetime skills, which assembles a strong foundation for the student. Achievement can be achieved through step by step guidance and motivational teaching methods. This outcome in a kid increasing self-confidence and turning out to be self-reliant.

Our Teaching Approach

Before we think about great handwriting, we have to remind ourseThis course is best suited for young children who are still getting a grip over the pen and pencil. Our lesson plan is designed to make the children fond of writing and practice regularly through interactive and techniques.lves why we write. We write in order to,


We carefully explore and deploy our technique for guidance based on international curriculums.


We set up and follow a carefully laid out methodology for teaching handwriting and preparing latent creativity.

Uniform Methodology

Our masters follow a uniform teaching guide to guarantee that the training procedure isn’t dependent on the master, however on the process.

Individual Consideration

We give individual teaching and individual consideration. students can join quickly and start their course at his/her own schedule. No need to stress over missed class since he/she proceeds with the course where they left.

Individual Tracking

Regardless of whether the number of students begins the course on the same day, same course, the same level of progress will be followed separately. Their progress will be followed based on the student’s abilities and participation and not by the days.


  • Effective handwritten communication
  • Increased speed of handwriting
  • Neatly written school notes and project books
  • Improved artistic skills
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Enjoying lack of complaints from teachers due to legible handwriting
  • Children do not need much time for their homework due to speed handwriting
  • Confidence of children a sure sign of a successful career
  • No need for extra tuitions. Our Handwriting improvement Classes are enough.


Our training activities include thinking skills, instructor training, board writing. Our principal objective of preparing is to engage children in writing skills.
Handwriting is a simple and remarkable skill for both children and adults. Handwriting abilities activate the mind more than typing skills since it includes more complex cognitive skills. It likewise contributes to reading fluency and its work visual representation of letters. We can predict success for children who have great handwriting abilities that positively affect grades.
Our slanting technique characterizes the letter should begin from the right side. Size characterizes the size of the letter and should maintain the same size from start to end. The shape defines the letter should be an oval shape which is more ideal. With the help of these procedures, we can change your children’s handwriting. Uncommonly, we have another strategy ie., Presentation skills which are fundamentally applicable for college students to introduce them perfectly in the meeting.
Figuring out how to frame letters accurately shapes a major part of proficient handwriting skills. Following and drawing shapes and patterns before letters and numbers will enable your kid to master the diagonals and bends important for letter formation.
Words formation is the way toward adding at least one affixation to a root word, terms which spread both the prefixation and suffixation. Blending is one of the most famous word-formation processes in handwriting skills.
A sentence is an assortment of words that transmit a sense of meaning and is framed according to the logic of grammar. Writing is formed by placing sentences in sequence, in a steady progression and, if a single sentence is read aloud, it should be important and under stable.
A basic paragraph writing structure usually consists of five sentences: the topic of the paragraph, three supporting sentences to derive meaning, and a concluding sentence. The secrets behind paragraph writing lay in four essential elements, which we can use correctly, can make a simple paragraph into a great paragraph.
Acknowledgment of writing skills enables an individual to write something on a bit of paper and afterward convert it into significant sentence text.

Handwriting Classes Duration

1) Regular training program ( Morning, Daytime & Evening)


:  3 Months


:  2 Hrs / Day

2) Fast Track training program :


:  1 Month


:  4 Hrs / Day


If you cannot find the answer below, feel free to contact us.

5-14 years is the age for the formative years of the brain. This is the best age and it does not mean that a child above this age cannot undergo this program.
Periodic evaluations are conducted after the completion of each level to gauge the performance levels of students. The same would be shared with the parents.
Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate after your training.
Yes, we offer a handwriting course online. Kindly mail us at contact@n-school.com to know more details about the online courses.
This course will give you the required training to Increase your speed of handwriting and to Improved your artistic skills


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