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The Incredible Experience Of Full Stack Development Webinar In Lockdown

Imagine if COVID-19 was not born in the world. It’s crazy right!! Yes, of course, It is a tight time for all the people in the world. Every human fights for their lives and the main thing that they feel for is food and their children’s education.

Parents also worry about the education of children. In this pandemic situation, many organizations tend to conduct webinars to provide values to the students and educate them through online platforms.

Likewise, N-School Academy has started to educate people through online platforms. They mainly focus on Live webinars to solve the doubts of students or professionals immediately. Let’s see the interesting facts in a webinar conducted by N-School Academy.

Ring from College

Before we get into webinar witticism let me tell you from where it gets started. It was a fine day when continuing the class with our energetic students in the academy. we got a call from Nehru Institute of Engineering and technology that we have an idea to collaborate with the N-School Academy to conduct a live webinar on the topic of a Full-stack development webinar.

As a start, we were discussing the topics and the benefits which have to be taken. At that time the student from the department of computer science and technology was very eager to know about the full stack. His energy level boosted me to accept for the live webinar.

The way of response and the conveying style of the students even in this lockdown is crazy. His eagerness in learning during the hard situation made me clear from the oscillations. The funny thing here is he did not request me to conduct the webinar. He has already decided and informs me to join the webinar.

Not only the student later the management decision was the same as that student. So, I have planned to give them a treasure in the webinar to succeed in their career.

How we conducted the webinar success during COVID-19

In this modern technology world, everything is possible if we have confidence and passion for what we do. Covid-19 is a reason to avoid the so N-School Academy plans to conduct the session for an hour by giving them valuable updates that are useful for their future.

Our Tech Mentor Mr. Rajasekar has experience of about 7+ years in mentoring. He has trained more than 3000+ students in the past 7+ years. So, he knows the student psychology and knows how to train the multi-character students to understand the topic.

Rajasekar has started with the basic outline of the Full-stack development webinar. He has a unique training style to convey ideas to the students. Rajasekar has started teaching, by not just reading the presentation instead I have given the live examples of the topic that understand for the students.

Also, he has created simple tasks for them to understand the basis of strong. He taught them about the full-stack development and their benefits of stacks. And how to learn the techniques to become a full stack developer even in the pandemic circumstances.

Also, he has explained about the placement techniques as well. And shared the full stack hacks to get placed in Top Multi-national companies even in this COVID-19 risk.

Students reflection

After the completion of the webinar, Rajasekar asked them for feedback to know more about what they think about the webinar. It is very usual to ask about the feedback to extemporize ourselves to give more value to the students.

Students accepted my request in giving feedback. Some students have given the raving feedback but some gave me the suggestions as well.

Final words

The thoughts I would like to share is there are tons of opportunities in this competitive world. What we don’t have is the skill in upgrading our knowledge. If the opportunity Knocks just try to do it. Whether the story ends with success or loses Just try.

Choose the specific field in which you have the passion. Get trained into it and focus on upgrading the skill. N-School is always there for you to guide the path and to set the future to the success path.

Are you struggling to fix your goal or worried about the future in upgrading technology? N-School is here for you to train and update the knowledge in a growing field. Trainers in N-School are the people who work in the corporate. So, it is very easy to know in-depth about the corporate as well

Feel free to connect with N-School at any time for the astonishing future.