Final Year Projects:

The final year project is the most important academic activity for the students, where the students can learn about various software development tools that are used during the project development. During the final year project duration, the students will be working on real-time projects, which will measure the technical knowledge of the student acquired over the entire course.

NSchool will help the students to get real-time exposure to do their final year projects by making them learn, understand the software development tools and by providing both practical and theoretical training on the chosen technology.

Key Benefits of Final Year Projects:

  • Gain practical knowledge by working on real-time projects.
  • Builds confidence by gaining knowledge in their interested domain.
  • Helps in creating a network of contacts.
  • Acts as a benchmark during job placements.

Technology Specialisations in Final Year Project:

IT Skills:

 Full Stack

Workflow of Final Year Project Training:

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