Digital Marketing Salary in India For Freshers And

Digital Marketers Salary (Freshers & Experienced)

The presence of Online & the Internet has led to the Digital Revolution. Many Digital technologies have developed and rose rapidly in the late ’80s. One such technology that is developed for the benefit of the common man is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing means marketing any kind of product or goods online or through electronic media. The profit acquired is accessed by online transactions by the owners. Digital marketing is a fast-growing technology around the globe and its common people and grasping more knowledge and awareness about its benefits and process.

The Digital Marketing field is a separate department in IT and MNC’s. Many Colleges and Universities provide Digital Marketing as a course to students like other Developing, Testing, and Production courses. Upon successful completion of this course, students are eligible to attend Digital Marketing Interviews and get placed in MNC’s for the same field. It’s an evident fact that thousands of freshers get seated in the Digital Marketing department with varied degrees and courses. Also, the presence of many IT training centers like our NSCHOOL teaching Digital Marketing course along with other developing courses has seeded Interest among students to undertake this training and achieve the tenured stage right from the hands-on training stage itself.

All you thought was Right! If thousands of fresher’s are getting hired in the Digital Marketing department every year, then there must be several designations in this field. And yes, each designation works are different, and of course their pay scale too. Let’s see what the unique designations in this Digital Marketing field are and how much they can benefit a Graduate (both fresher as well as experienced) annually.


Right from a fresher to a tenured level, a Digital marketer can hold different positions according to their Interest and Qualifications. Some important and common designations the Digital Marketer possesses are described below in detail.

  • Pay per Click Analyst
  • SEO Expert
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing Experts
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • SEM Experts


We have come across many advertisements online when we are using YouTube, Social media, or even Google. The technique behind those advertisement generations is yielding profit. Yes, Pay per Click or PPC advertising is a type of paid digital marketing. The Advertisers of the displaying ads pay a particular amount (fee) each time any online users click their ad. PPC analysts must examine and understand the views and psychology of customers clicking an online ad.

Many freshers enter into this position after the Interview results that certify them as Analytical and Critical Thinkers. So, Best Analytical and Technical skill holders might end up in this position and continue with their experience and finally become PPC Executives with an annual salary of about 6L INR.

So, a Fresher PPC analyst will find their annual benefit up to 2.5 L INR.

Also, another main work of a PPC analyst is online Campaign Creation.

Some other primary requirements of a graduate to fit in as a PPC analyst in Digital marketing are,

  • Management of Ads and online campaigns on Social Media like Facebook, Quora, and Linked In.
  • PPC analyst also tracks and monitors budget, search keywords, and find ways in improving quality score.
  • Experienced PPC Executives must be thorough in Google Analytics and Reporting tools.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an interesting domain for all candidates as they work to rank all the submitted websites in Google. Depending upon the website’s quality and uniqueness, they hold their respective top ranks. SEO Experts and analysts use Google Ranking Algorithms as tools to display the ranking when a user searches by a specific keyword. As a desirable candidate and fit candidate, SEO analysts must improve tactics in Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEM rush.

Not like the PPC pay scale, SEO candidates’ salaries purely depend on their experience and knowledge sharpness. So, candidates entering as analysts in this field make sure to certify in all A-Z in SEO technology. Because SEO experts determine the future fate of their company.

Some key skills, which SEO experts possess, will be,

– They must learn and be thorough in Google’s ranking algorithms.

– SEO Candidates and analysts must be well known or familiar with SEO Specialists.

– SEO experts must also work on Google’s optimization tools like SEM Rush and Console.

– They suggest specific keywords for the business. Those keywords help to identify the specific website.

– They make sure their company follows the Search engine guidelines and offers a realistic user experience.

As said earlier, Experienced and well-knowledge SEO Experts make an annual turnover of about 8L INR. But this amount particularly suits only well-knowledged and well-experienced specialists. SEO freshers may find their annual profit to be 2.5L INR. SEO Freshers working in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi may yield their monthly salary of about 17-18K INR.

Does this sound like PPC analysts earning more than SEO Analysts? Yes, it’s true. Because PPC Analysts also work on Social media pages like Facebook and Instagram ads to create an interactive user experience.

But this doesn’t make SEO jobs unfair. Strictly and coherently, if you prove yourself in Knowledge and Performance, You can overtake other domains in IT too.


Social Media is the modern trendsetter of today’s Network that became popularized around late 2009. Is there anyone around the globe without a social media account? In short, Social media made people connect closer around the world. Famous Social media that ruling today’s youth are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, What Sapp, and LinkedIn.

Seeing the tremendous power of social media, many online businesses started using it to display their content via video and poster ads. If millions are using Facebook per day, the same number of people has to view the company marketing ads at least once. To check and monitor the Official likes and views, keep the website traffic high MNC’s hire Social Media Marketers for Digital Marketing Department.

In simple words, Social media marketing means using social media websites and social networks to market or advertise the company’s products and services.

Also it’s extremely important for any Social Media Marketers to possess thorough and In-depth knowledge in Ipsy, Desigual, BirchBox, Buffer, Hootsuite, and other SMM tools. Your compensation goes high if your technical knowledge in SMM tools is up to the mark.

Social media marketing experts earn similar to PPC executives. As a fresher, you can earn up to 3L INR by developing your knowledge and learning by updating new trends. Social Media Specialists make annual turnover up to 5L. And it’s a fact that Social Media Marketing experts are in huge demand in many MNC’s and entertainment fields.

The following are the important skills a Social Media Digital Marketer should hold well.

  • They must be always ready to face people and have many verbal and online conversations to improve customer satisfaction.
  • They must plan a realistic approach to cover content that strikes the target audience. They must always ensure the news reached to public people is always right.
  • They must be ready to prepare online campaigns through Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Social Media experts’ prime duty is to monitor and report the social media trends to their organization and also to the public.
  • Social media analysts and experts are the representatives of their organization’s Social media.

The Social media experts who specialized in the above-mentioned qualities make their yearly profit up to 5L to 5.5L. Social media Marketing Managers always regularize the working process and have a close eye on the updated social media information.


The word content refers to our normal e-mail, newsletters, blog posts, surveys, online campaigns, graphics, image posters, and copyrights. Content Marketers not only monitor these but also updates and promotes them. So there are many technical features involved in Content Marketing. Promotion of Content is the focal job here. Content promotion attracts millions of customers or followers to your company’s business websites and social media sites. A person holding the right capability of holding customer retention is chosen as the Content Marketing Manager to supervise his/her own team who monitors, checks, reports, updates the key significance in their online business/social media sites. And Content Marketing Manager’s key role is to check ways to promote the content if the presented one is correct in all formats.

And so, the Content Manager would make around INR 5L annually. The team members involved here would be paid around INR 2L-4L annually. This is considered an important domain in the Digital marketing field because the content created reaches the target audience faster than expected.

Content Marketing Specialists and Executives must possess the following knowledge to continue their career in this important domain.

– Content managers are the representatives for checking and improving content. Also, their key role is checking the right ways in promoting it, so that it helps their companies to reach their business goals.

– Some other responsibilities include designing brand awareness, pleasing conversation techniques, and helping in mounting web traffic.

– They smooth the progress of customer commitment and customer satisfaction experience apart from producing brand image reliability.

– They administer the overall website of their company- its focal content, copy, and blogs displayed in it. They want people to check and get aware of the goals and functionalities of their company. So they display the content in a neat, clean, and presentable format.


SEM experts are specialized in Search Engine Marketing. SEM experts’ primary focus is to make their organizations ensure users search for a specific and relevant keyword or content using Internet search engines, and displaying the top results. SEM is responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the company’s overall SEO strategy. They also generally cover a large variety of technical duties such as web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword strategy.

Usually, The SEM Manager is asked to supervise and generating revenue and building the business profit by rising the online traffic through displaying optimized web content and ideologies. The SEM Manager mainly concentrates to monitor the goal of high traffic production is achieved.

SEM analysts must have a thorough picture knowledge with SEM tools like Google Ads, SpyFu, Optmyzer, and SEMRush

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Analyst with experience of about 1-3 years profits an average total payment of 3-3.5L INR. And our Search Engine Marketing Specialist with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of approximately 8-9L INR. As said, this is a powerful and important domain among others and if you are the right person holding sharp knowledge and communication tactics, you can shine in Digital Marketing Environment. This knowledge sharpens to make this domain your lifetime career.

NOTE: As an IT professional you may find discrepancies in the pay scale for the same domain in Different cities. This is due to the cost of living factor in our country. For Example, an SEO analyst will find Rs. 15000 per month in Bangalore and Chennai whereas you’ll be paid Rs. 20000 for the same sector in Kolkata or Delhi.

Be it any course, be it any training, you can overtake others if your Interest, Passion, knowledge and learning skill is extremely High.


It’s a strong fact that your skills definitely pays the way you earn. An individual having a great compact and mastery over their Digital Marketing skills absolutely earn better than the less learned and less knowledgeable counterparts. Your interest and technical strength also depend on how quickly you learn and adapt and grow and also make your company grow.

Given the consistent rise in Digital Marketing and Updating technology in India and abroad, it is an incredible chance to consider turning into a Digital Marketing Expert. There is an extremely large career scope in the Digital Marketing domain, and experts predict it will rise in peak and provide more benefits in the upcoming era.

At present, there is a great chance for you to enter into the Digital Marketing domain, check at our N-SCHOOL Academy, and promote your knowledge in the Digital Marketing course in Coimbatore. Upgrade yourself to a specialist in Digital Marketing with practical hands-on workshops and a lot more.