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Big Data & Hadoop Training

Stay ahead of the competition and become the next Hadoop developer by mastering the Big Data technology to address data analysis and management objectives.

Course Overview

Big Data is impacting businesses across the world in a huge way. Are you aware of its importance and the benefits it carries for an organisation? Learn to conquer this emerging trend by implementing one of the most popular technologies, Hadoop. The big giants including Facebook, IBM, Google, Amazon and many more adopt big data within their processes. Here at CA Labs, we’ll teach you how to handle large amounts of data using Hadoop and its mature tools. Through our 3-part specialisation course, achieve business objectives by implementing Hadoop solutions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to setup and configure Hadoop.
  • Understand how MapReduce can help you store and analyse data.
  • Explore Scope, FLUME and HDFS concepts.
  • Know how to handle PIG, the Hadoop programming tool.

Course Highlights

  • Access instructor-led online classes to master Hadoop
  • Learn the intricacies involved in Big Data testing.
  • Create your first-ever system using Hadoop.
  • Receive instructor’s guidance throughout your Hadoop learning process.

Who is this course for?

  • Graduates looking to explore the in-demand Big Data technology skills.
  • Software engineers who wish to understand the Hadoop architecture.
  • Managers who wish to know how Hadoop can be implemented to solve data-related problems.



stage 1

  • Introduction to BIG DATA:
  • Types
  • Characteristics
  • Benefits

stage 2

  • Hadoop Tutorial:
  • Features
  • Components
  • Cluster
  • Topology

stage 3

  • Hadoop Setup Tutorial :
  • Installation
  • Configuration

stage 4

  • HDFS Tutorial:
  • Read & Write Commands using Java API

stage 5

  • What is MapReduce?
  • How it Works – Hadoop MapReduce Tutorial


stage 1

  • Hadoop Tutorial:
  • Features,
  • Components,
  • Cluster,
  • Topology

stage 2

  • Hadoop & Mapreduce Examples:
  • Create your First Program

stage 3

  • Hadoop MapReduce Tutorial:
  • Counters & Joins with Example

stage 4

  • What is Sqoop?
  • What is FLUME – Hadoop Tutorial

stage 5

  • Sqoop vs Flume vs HDFS in Hadoop


stage 1

  • Create Your First FLUME Program – Beginner’s Tutorial

stage 2

  • Hadoop PIG Tutorial:
  • Introduction,
  • Installation ,
  • Example

stage 3

  • Learn OOZIE – Hadoop Tutorial

stage 4

  • Big Data Testing:
  • Functional ,
  • Performance

stage 5

  • Hadoop & MapReduce Interview- Questions & Answers

Training Methodology


1) Regular training program ( Morning, Daytime & Evening)

Duration : 30 days

2) Weekend Training program ( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Duration : 7 weeks

3) Fast Track training program :

Duration : 10 days

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